Mar 3, 2011

{things to make a morning better}

after depleting our previous collection of teas, i've been opting for more loose-leaf ones. 
earthfare & the home economist has them. & i may never go back, now.
it may initially freak you out when you see that they are over $20.00 a pound, but when you think about how most $4.00 boxes of tea are only a few ounces anyways…it works out just fine. & you can get a lot of tea in an ounce!
i'm also figuring out that you can use your leaves up to several times. & that its typically better the second or third time. they seem to go a lot further than a teabag…

& since i was sipping on a cup this morning, i thought i would share :)
because i always thought it would be super inconvenient & its not at all.

by the way:
to the people that tried making pita pockets yesterday - you are awesome. & i'm glad that other people had success with them, too :)


  1. This is really random, but where did you get your tea pot? I had an unfortunate incident with heating mine up empty (oops!) and am finding that I am pretty particular about the replacement . . . =)

  2. i got mine at marshall's! i've seen really similar ones at tj maxx & ross, too though :)

  3. hello! first time leaving you a little post, but i have been following the blog for a few months.

    where do you find all your ball jars? is it just good luck at the thrift store?

  4. @aml
    thanks for the comment! okay, so i kind of have a two step process for getting all of my ball jars. i never find the old lids at thrift stores - ever. you can find them at antique stores, but they're pricey. so i get all of my lids in bulk on ebay. just search under zinc jar lids. & you can find the actual jars all day long at thrift stores :)