Mar 30, 2011

{wedges are everywhere}

this is probably the wrong time of life to completely fall head over heels in love with wedges.
like. MASSIVELY tall ones.
as if i'm not having enough trouble walking without being suspended another 6 inches into the air ;)

below are a few recent faves :)

but i think this pair of jeffery campbells are still my favourites.
now to find some a {lot} cheaper, maybe…


  1. I LOVE all wedges:) And LOVING your blog - found you via hippy happy hooray and very glad I did - CONGRATS on the awesome news too!

  2. congratulations on the baby! I've been following your blog for a while now and decided I'd finally leave a comment.
    I cannot wait to try a lot of your home made stuff once I settle down in married life, for now I'm busy crafting for the wedding. :)

    also looking forward to following your baby bump journey.


  3. breanne - thanks for commenting :)
    i am SO jealous! wedding planning is so much fun! i wish i could do ours all over again...
    enjoy EVERY minute of it!!!

  4. no kidding i owned a pair of wedges #4 in 1975..i still like them :)

  5. I owned No 3 in the 70's. I really thought I was something special in those shoes. Not sure I'm still in love with wedges now for me although I like them on you youngins. ;)