Mar 31, 2011

{what i read: march}

so, for starting out the first half of the month having read absolutely NOTHING, i made up for it in the end.
my nausea subsided sufficiently enough to read massive amounts.

it was glorious, actually.
the biggest perk of trimester no. 1 hands down :)

that being said - i will also acknowledge right now that i am NOT good at reviewing books. i just know if i like them. maybe i should just do the whole critic thing. with a nice little vague line about how awesome the book is, but tells you absolutely nothing about it & give it four stars. every time :)

or maybe i'll think about it.
anyways. this is what i read in march.

{i add this particular cover because it is by far the most hilarious of them all}
{a voice in the wind}

okay...i am going to make a bold statement here & say that this is the BEST series i've read since {gasp} twilight. they were every bit as enjoyable to read to me. although completely different. so if you hated those - don't judge. you still have a good chance of liking the mark of the lion trilogy.
it took me about 20 minutes to get into the book & once i started i absolutely could not put it down.

no. really.

i could not put it down.

as in i read for 9 1/2 straight hours {i took a break for lunch. well. kind of. i tried eating while i read more. i have a problem. i know.} until daniel got home that night.
& then i had the audacity to ask if he wanted to read in bed, too.
i had it finished in a day & a half. {i'm a slow reader. but it is 700 pages...}
i love that there are multiple 'main' characters lives that you follow throughout these books - but it all really revolves around a young jewish girl named hadassah. sold into slavery after jerusulem was conquered by romans. so this takes place around 50-ish a.d. with gladiators & all kinds of things. which is incredibly interesting to me.
& even if you don't like history, ladies, there is definitely enough of a romance thing going on to keep you happy - {i mean…just CHECK OUT that cover…}


now for book no. 2

{an echo in the darkness}

book two in the mark of the lion.
i really can't tell you much after what i said above. it would ruin everything.
but it was equally good. & addicting.
i may add, though, that these would be excellent to take on a beach trip. or to read over the summer. unless you are sick as i have been all the time. because my productivity would have been ZERO while reading them. so if you're in school or something...maybe best hold off til summer.
but then you probably have more self control than me...

{northanger abbey}

the style of this book is actually different to me from any of jane austens others. its written more from the authors perspective. which is charming, i think. & its also the shortest of her novels i've read, if you don't have the time to commit to the above two books - this is a fun read.
the only thing i'm finding that i dislike about a lot of jane austens novels is how quickly they end.
always happily. but the heroine & her man basically don't communicate at ALL in the entire book until the very last three pages when suddenly everything is worked out & they lived happily.
i shouldn't complain. i do love happy endings. but i like to revel in them more than she gives me time for, i feel like. maybe its just me…


& thus i have finished all of jane austens books.
this one is in my top 3, probably.
& upon reading different parts of it i had this massive feeling of deja vu.
i'm wondering if i've actually read it at some point before. daniel thought i had.
i have an awful time remembering details in books, though. so it basically felt like the first time.
i wish i could find this cover for it, too :)
its the prettiest one for this particular book that ive seen…

okay! so that was march.
& now i am completely out of ideas…any suggestions?


  1. Anything by L.M. Montogomery. You might like Gene Stratton Porter's books, too. (I've got most of those, if you want to borrow.)
    Um...the Rabbie Burns book I lent you, Les Mis abridged (unless you like multiple additional chapters of art and history thrown into the story), Peter Pan, and the Winnie the Pooh series. Seriously, they are hysterical.
    So...just come rummage through my library!

  2. I love Austen. :) "Persuasion" is an amazing story, and I hate that it seems to get overlooked so often.

    I agree with the above commentor: there are so many incredible "children's" books out there. Like the Anne series, Narnia, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, Mary Poppins, etc. It seems that the British have a knack for writing clever, hilarious children's books that are just as enjoyable for adults :)


  3. I love the Mark of the Lion series! Did you read the last one?

  4. Read Jane Eyre!!!! Also when I finish Pride and Prejudice you are welcome to read "Room with a View" alongside me if you want... I'm reading that next. :D

  5. you are now a true "Coleman girl" :))

  6. AAHHH! I loooove the Mark of the Lion series...I've read them probably a good 4 or 5 times over the years. Francine Rivers is an amazing writer!

    I recommend The Phantom Tollbooth by Justin Norter(I think that's his name). It's a quick read and more for children but it is by far the most creative book I've ever read.
    Also- Les miserables and The count of Monte Cristo are also fantastic.

  7. Mindy, I was reading your review for Book 1 and saw that the character's name was Hadassah. Did you know that Esther (yes, the one in the Bible), well her real name was Hadassah! I know Francine Rivers relates some of her books to Bible stories...possible connection there? :)

  8. persuasion is my favorite of JA's books. Love.
    i am in a reading kick now too. I am reading Fahrenheit 451. Crazy.

  9. Hey, I haven't left a comment on here before but thought I should as I love your Blog! Very sweet :) anyway I suggets that you read Diana Gabaldon's Outlader series, They are the Best! There are lots of them too ;)

    Anyway many Congratulations and enjoy all the reading time ;)


  10. I absolutely inhaled the Mark of the Lion series also! Quite addicting, and very sad when I ended the third one.. it's a series that you dread being finished with. Since you loved that, I would also highly recommend the Chronicles of the Kings series by Lynn Austen. Excellent!

  11. OH MY WORD!!!! Just going through your blog - it is SO cute - and I saw your post on Francine River's books. They are, hands down, my ultimate favorite series to read and re-read over and over again! Glad you found them! :) Did you get to the 3rd book?
    And I know it's not March anymore but....have you ever read any of Charles Dickens? I am currently reading Little Dorrit and am completely captivated by it. I have to confess I watched the BBC version first and loved it so much I had to read the book! Surprisingly, it follows pretty accurately. My suggestion anyway, if you are still looking!

  12. Abbey - I've read Great Expectations & LOVED it. It took just a while to get into, but it was great! I haven't read any of his other books, though. I'll have to add that one to my list. & I haven't read the 3rd one! I need to get it. I know its a different story, though. So I'm at least okay waiting a little while. It wasn't like the first two where I snatched one right up after the other ;)

  13. I love the mark of the lion series! My mom read all three of the books first and then told me i had to read them too (she knows how much i love reading). Seriously, they are amazing! Hadassah is such an encouragement to me (even if she is just a character in a book ;)). I'm glad to see that you enjoyed the series as well!

    AND if you loved these books by Francine Rivers, then you should definitely read her book, "Redeeming Love". It's a must read!!

  14. So, I stumbled upon your blog earlier this evening and I can't stop reading! I just love all of the fun posts and great pics you snap! :)

    And "A Voice in the Wind" was an AMAZING series!!

    Have you read "Redeeming Love"? So so so good!