Apr 29, 2011

{royal wedding watching}

oh my gosh, guys!
did anyone else get up/stay up at an unnatural hour this morning to watch the royal wedding?!

i actually did. & i'm very glad i did, too. 
a fairly good sized group of us girls all got together to watch it & had breakfast.
i wouldn't have been able to pull myself out of bed at 4am otherwise.
but it was worth it. i mean, how often do you get to watch a princess wedding??

now feeling blah. followed by random bursts of energy.
my kitchen is immaculate.
& i can't say its been that way for at least the past two months. 

maybe theres something to getting up that early after all…

Apr 28, 2011

{grow your own: wheatgrass}

every time i see sweet little pots of wheatgrass i think of going to jamba juice after school with my mom & little brother. we would always get a massive smoothie & fight over which flavor to pick & what heath boosters to put it.

it was perfect for arizona summers :)
& springs.
& falls.
& winters.

we never had them clip wheatgrass for our smoothies, but the connection has just always stuck for some reason.

& now i am lucky to have little sprouts of my own in our kitchen :)
i love them. they are perfect to perk up a room in the spring. & they are super quick to grow.
the way i did it is a bit more for decoration, i think. its not the same way all the hardcore juicers do theirs. they will soak their wheat first for about 24 hours & then follow the same basic steps. so either way you choose is fine.

i've kind of just liked to have mine setting around. its nice to see green things in the kitchen. but it does need a haircut soon, i think.

so, to grow your own wheatgrass
you will need:
- a bit of starter soil mix {any kind is fine. i just used what i had from starting all of my seeds this past spring}
-whole wheat grains {you can find them in bulk at health food stores}
-a cute little cup or pot

so now, all you do is take your starter soil - its typically really dry & flakey so you'll want to measure out the amount you need & pour it in a bowl & mix with water until its moistened a bit & will stick together.

fill your cup , or tray or whatever you're using about 3/4 of the way & then add a solid layer of wheat. you can either top it off again with just a bit of dirt or leave it {its really just more for aesthetics. i like mine covered} as it is & give it a few good sprays with a squirt bottle every day. & it will literally look like mine above in…4 days, maybe? it grows super fast.

if you google wheatgrass centerpieces, you can find all sorts of fun wedding, party & holiday ideas for it.

let me know how it goes for you!

Apr 27, 2011

{whats in my purse. really.}

i cleaned out my purse yesterday.
& did a wallet switch up & things.
it took over half an hour to clean it all out.
& i started thinking…
have you all seen all of the features on blogs with the whole 'whats in my bag' thing?

i have decided...
i don't think they could possibly be real.
or else i am just a slob.
but i dont keep pretty nail polishes in my purse {im way too afraid they'll break}
or cute plastic cameras {same story}
or little polaroids.
or beautiful old books.
i'm more of the 1 1/2 pairs of earrings, bobby pins, granola bar & receipts kind of girl.
so after a nice cleaning.
my purse is looking a little better. for the next week or two.
& minus the nail polish & things.

but definitely good enough for me.

does anyone else's purse end up looking like mine? or what do you do to keep it organised?

Apr 26, 2011

{happy easters weekend}

we celebrated easter with my side of the family early this year.
both sets of parents are off on a cruise together this week.
lucky ones.
we have resolved to take more photos, though. since the first half of this year has been really poorly documented. 
so we did a little better this time.

we ate deviled eggs. 
& drank hot tea on the patio
& all scurried around the yard & had an easter egg hunt.
we will never be to old for them, i don't think...

 all the couples :)

i love this photo of my grandpa. its one of my favorites of him lately. i can't help but look at it for long periods of time. i can't quite figure out what it is...

hope you all had a wonderful weekend! does your family have any easter traditions?
daniel & i have been talking about different ones we want to start with our family…so i want to hear them!

Apr 22, 2011

{trusting god's heart of love}

hiiii everyone!
so, i said a few days ago that this week has been kind of crazy. & i don't normally share really serious or sad things on here - we try to keep it positive ;) but i think its good, too. to just be real sometimes.
{& i'm just going to say right now - that this time…it DOES end up happy. i'm bad at prefacing these stories, normally.}

basically, earlier this week that my body wasn't acting normally {i will spare details for the men reading this} & the short of it was that after calling the doctor, we were kind of left in limbo thinking that maybe we had lost our little coleman baby.

gosh. its still so hard to even type that…but anyways.

tuesday, after i found out, daniel came home early from work & let me cry on his shoulder all afternoon. & we prayed. & i actually listened to a really wonderful message from our church that i had missed sunday that was just perfectly healing for my heart. a much better alternative than the movie i was thinking of watching instead...

wednesday was just kind of a waiting day. & i was told to take it super easy & drink a lot of water. & bumming it up all day is actually really unenjoyable for me. the comfy sweatpants part i can get into, but otherwise i just end up feeling so bored. so we waited & waited for my appointment thursday morning.

& heard a strong little baby heartbeat!!! it was such a relief. & such a beautiful little noise.
but what was even more beautiful, i think was how God made our hearts peaceful. Hoping for glad news, but also ready to accept the fact that we might not get to meet this little baby.

so at 13 weeks - everything is good.

& we are super grateful.
i didn't think it was possible to love a little peach so much already…but it is.

there were several really wonderful quotes from the message i mentioned above. this was just one that really was encouraging to me.

“We must not be deceived by the current view that invites us to get rid of our troubles and sicknesses and then rejoice… The test of a person’s Christianity is what happens in the storm… When God is sitting as a refiner of gold; wanting to bring out the pure gold of naked trust in Himself… One of the most difficult things to do when the road is rough and the billows are passing over us is to feel that God still loves us.  But we are not called to feel; we are called to believe… God owes us no explanations.  We owe Him implicit trust and obedience… We cry to God for blessings, but… He has to teach us that He is the greatest blessing of all.” – John J. Murray

happy good friday to you all! its kind of gloomy weather over here today, buts its nice :)
we just got back from watching jane eyre. ahhhmygosh. it was so good.
so so good.

Apr 20, 2011

{date nites & fancy walls}

wow. this month his just totally disappearing! i can't believe how quickly the year is passing…except where little baby is concerned…

well, the last few days for us have been not so amazing & kind of crazy. but today we are both doing pretty well, i think. i'm bad at putting off updates on here & never really giving you all one. so sorry. but i really will in a few days…

what HAS been nice is that we went out monday evening for a much needed date nite:

-reclaimed my gallery photos because i'm selfish & didn't want to share them with coffee drinkers anymore. i would rather enjoy them in our home…
-ate stuffed crust pizza {the first time since second grade, guys!} & salad in the park
-bought new fluffy pillows for our bed & disposed of the 'dead geese' that were there before them.
-sipped on little lattes. 8oz for me + half caf is apparently way too much for 8pm. i am so ashamed. that little cup kept me up until way past 1:30…

we are also finally beginning to fancy up this wall. 
sorry for the darkness.

Apr 18, 2011

{monday projects}

working on our wedding album today.
{can we say waaaay overdue?}
one of my things to get done before baby love. i have a feeling it would be a lot tricker to do then…
its so fun looking thru all of the old photos though. it makes me want to squeeze everyone that was apart of our wedding.

also: i'm sure people have been seeing these necklaces popping up all over online. they are so freaking adorable, but i'm not really wanting to pay 80 bucks for one right now, so apart of being sick this past few weeks, i've had time to make one! you can kind of get an idea of how i did it from the picture below. the only thing i would do different next time is use felt instead of the fabric i did! or else just a material that isn't so stiff. it was hard to get my needle thru it & made it way more difficult than it needed to be, i think. also with the felt, you don't have to worry about frayed edges while stitching around the edges at the end…but i love it, still. it'll be fun for summer time :)

Apr 15, 2011

{thank you, husband}

today just seemed like a really good day to say, husband, thank you for all the work you do for our little family. because you do an awful lot in a lot of different ways.
especially since i haven't been feeling as well the last month or so. 

our house is a little more dusty. & the foods look a lot more like wendys chili & cheeseburgers.
but you haven't complained once. & you help me do dishes & feed me crackers in the mornings & never roll your eyes at me when i tell you that i slept until 10 
{i hear thats normal, but it makes me feel massively lazy}

so with work being crazy & me being way wacked out & pregnant, the very last thing i feel like i could nag him about right now would be fixing up our yard. 
but every weekend, basically since it's stopped snowing, he's been busy working on this a lot a lot a lot.
this is a picture of our backyard when we first bought our house.
depending on if you're a half empy/half full kind of person. it might not look so bad. or it could look horrid. but either way, we're finding that yards have a funny way of taking a lot of time & not really seeing a lot of difference for awhile.
or even looking worse for a bit after all of your hard work.

in the meantime, it looks like this, now.
it would actually be looking quite nice if it weren't for the dirt trail off to the left. compliments of our electric company :)
we {mostly he. along with some help from our parents}
-removed a clothesline with 50 pounds of concrete rooting it to the ground
-took down the fence in the middle of our yard {still not really sure why it was there?}
-along with all the massive bushes that grew around the fence
-removed the little trove of trees on the right that were stunting the growth of a really pretty oak tree behind them. as well as another dying tree off to the left that you can't see...
-removed the moldy recliner waaay back there by our shed. eww.
-removed half of our swing set so i can garden back there. one of these days ;)
-& that little wooded area in the front right is new, too. its part of our new driveway. that is almost nearly done!!!

so i mean, i guess i didn't need to go into details or anything, but last night while he was outside mowing & it was starting to get reaaally dark, i was just really grateful for him in a lot of different ways. & this is just one way he's been so awesome to get things done that i'm not even asking him to do, but he is anyways when i wouldn't blame him at all for wanting to play xbox all day saturday. & he's always so darn happy about it! 

i have a lot to learn from him :)

Apr 14, 2011

{working on my interior decorating skills…}

this morning i poached an egg for breakfast.
this is three mornings in a row now, by the way. they are soooo delicious. & really easy.
its my favorite way to have eggs.
all you do is get a small pot of water boiling, add about 1 tablespoon of white vinegar & get the water swirling in a little cyclone really fast & drop you egg in. The swirling helps the egg white to cover all around the yolk evenly. & then turn down to medium & let boil for another 3 minutes or so. Maybe a minute longer, if you don't want your egg runny. i kind of like it like that :)

last night i also tried putting a few more pictures up in our house.
this is my attempt at putting pictures up, fyi.
i'm actually really surprised at how difficult its been to put things on our walls! obviously not one of my stronger points…my goal is to at least get a little family collage going in the hallway before little coleman comes around. that should be doable…right?
if you all have any ideas, definitely throw them my way!

another hopefully soon project will be stripping the paint off of our front door that you can kind of see in the picture. off to the very far left. i'm just waiting for an especially nice day :)

but in the meantime, i think i may make this my project for the day so i can take all of my necklaces off of daniels dresser :/

Apr 12, 2011

{fondue vudu}

ummm, so first of all - yes. i took this picture.


okay. next time we make fondue i will take a picture & replace it. but for now, its an impostor.
but doesn't it look good?!!!

i would also like to say, thank you alton brown for this delicious recipe.
i was always super intimidated at the thought of making our own fondue. we've been buying the pre-made packs from trader joe's {which are ALSO awesome, by the way}

everything in this recipe can be found at trader joe's & really isn't that expensive for fondue!
i think a pot ended up being about $10?

you will need:
garlic, for prepping your fondue pan
1 12-ounce bottle of hard apple cider
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
a pinch of salt
5 ounce {or two cups} of gruyere cheese, grated
5 ounces {or two cups} of smoked gouda cheese {rind removed}, grated
1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon of cornstarch or arrowroot powder
1/4 teaspoon of curry powder
a few grinds of black pepper

no. 1
rub the inside of your pot with garlic & pour in hard cider. add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice & salt. let set over medium heat until simmering.

no. 2
in the meantime, grate your cheese & toss with arrowroot {that part is important, as i learned last time. it helps thicken the sauce!}

no. 3
once cider is simmering, begin to add cheese a handful at a time. be patient & let it melt all the way through before you add another handful. this helps get the consistency just right, but it may take you 10 or so minutes…if mix starts bubbling too much, just turn down the heat. 

no. 4
stir in curry powder & pepper. if your cheese is looking too stringy, add your other tablespoon of lemon juice, too.

i'm sure everyone has their own ideas about what is good dipping for fondue, but we have liked:
meat, sausage, granny smith apples, grapes, crusty bread, grape tomatoes, broccoli, carrots etc...
& if you have any other ideas - let me know, too!

Apr 11, 2011

{to raleigh & beyond!}

hello to you all!
hope you enjoyed a relaxing weekend :)
we really did. which was awesome after such a busy week!
friday daniel had off work, so we decided to do a little daytrip to raleigh & see what we could see.
& we learned some things along the way, too.

like first of all, never let mindy print a google map.
because i don't include the map.
& i leave us with a string of destinations that all need to be reached from the previous destination. whoops. we never did find our lunch place. so we had arbys instead. still good :)

& we made it to H&M, too & got Daniel a few things. I'm a little hesitant to buy clothes right now. I don't know exactly whats going to fit me from here on out, so we're just gonna hang tight for a little while & see…

So at the end of the day, we didn't end up finding several places we were wanting to see, but we didn't let it get to us & it was nice just being together. we did make one very special stop on our way to raleigh, though...

TO J-R!!!!

we pass signs for it ALL the time. & seriously, who isn't curious about a place that claims to have the largest collection of russian nesting dolls?!

we picked up a little souvenir. just for fun, that i'm actually totally loving.
its a nancy drew stationary kit! it has covers of different books on one side & a note side & you can fold it up & mail them. i thought it was pretty awesome for a buck, personally.

we also this weekend, met our first mole. i knew we had lots of these in our backyard, but i've never seen one before. except for when we were watching fantastic mr. fox the night before…they're actually a lot cuter than i thought they would be. his fur was so fluffy!
& he isn't dead in this picture, fyi. i promise. he's trying to dig. it was so pitiful...

okay, one last thing! you may have noticed that recipes have been in super short supply lately. this is entirely because i can't stand to smell much of anything. but we have had a couple successful experiences with fondue. the recipe is killer!!! i think we'll be making it a lot the next several months ;) so that will be coming tomorrow for you all. finally!

Apr 9, 2011

{guest blogging}

did a guest post today over at my blogging friend rylie's space today :)
i have a tutorial up for a fishtail braid, so you can catch me there today!

Apr 7, 2011

{just me & the great indoors}

today is all about editing photos. & trying to convince myself i like mumford & sons & the civil wars.
{edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros have stolen my heart so far…especially 40 day dream. it kind of has a beatles vibes circa 67-68.}
it takes me several listens through to really truly decide if i like something. is that normal?

i don't post a lot of my 'business' photos on here. but i was so happy with how this particular set turned out of the beautiful lady i took photos for on monday…i can't help myself.

& on a totally separate note - thanks for everyone that commented & left me little hellos & links to your blogs! i have LOVED looking through them the past few days :)

Apr 5, 2011

{happy busy week}

hello all!
just wanted to give a quick little update. & also to kind of serve as a ifidontblogmuchthisweekthisiswhy kind of thing.

well, after all of my time spent eating saltine's & butter noodles in bed, i'm finally getting out of the house this week! a LOT, actually.

also: random fact, but i have had the SAME tank of gas since late february. & its STILL just passed the halfway mark, guys. if that tells you anything about how much i've been out & about.
& daniel has driven me the few times i have…

yesterday, though marked my first photo session - really of the new year. i just finished editing them & am SO amazingly excited with how they turned out!!! i'll post a few on here soon :)
then tomorrow & thursday are two more sessions. & in between time, i've just started working part time from home - which is such an incredible blessing, but more on that, later. & family times & birthdays to celebrate, a daytrip & guestblogging for a friend later on this week & finishing up our driveway this weekend. no thanks to me. that is entirely daniels awesome doing. & my dad. {thanks, dad!}

so if you think of it - just pray that my body can keep up with my schedule this week! i'm so grateful to be feeling a little bit normal again. at least, i think this is normal. its kind of hard to remember what normal felt like pre-little coleman.

by the way:
i did this some time ago - but dang it guys!!! there have been SO many new people subscribing to my blog, so THANK YOU! i am still totally amazed that anyone would really want to read all of my ramblings, but totally feel free at any point if you're new or just haven't commented yet to just say hi & tell me about yourself & leave a link to your blog if you have one! i'd love to check it out :)

Apr 4, 2011

{favourite artist: claire owens}

i thought claire owen's work was something nice worth sharing today.
its so simple & clean.
& i just love the sketchy feel of her pencil drawings.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend! ours was actually quite busy for a change!
i'll share soon.

Apr 1, 2011

{there is a special place in my heart}

for this picture.
featuring our favorite character.
in our favorite television show.

its kind of been making some of these rainy days brighter :)

happy friday!