Apr 20, 2011

{date nites & fancy walls}

wow. this month his just totally disappearing! i can't believe how quickly the year is passing…except where little baby is concerned…

well, the last few days for us have been not so amazing & kind of crazy. but today we are both doing pretty well, i think. i'm bad at putting off updates on here & never really giving you all one. so sorry. but i really will in a few days…

what HAS been nice is that we went out monday evening for a much needed date nite:

-reclaimed my gallery photos because i'm selfish & didn't want to share them with coffee drinkers anymore. i would rather enjoy them in our home…
-ate stuffed crust pizza {the first time since second grade, guys!} & salad in the park
-bought new fluffy pillows for our bed & disposed of the 'dead geese' that were there before them.
-sipped on little lattes. 8oz for me + half caf is apparently way too much for 8pm. i am so ashamed. that little cup kept me up until way past 1:30…

we are also finally beginning to fancy up this wall. 
sorry for the darkness.


  1. I remember stuffed crust pizza! I think my last time was...grade 4, on a road trip to Houston - haha. And I totally know what you mean about the 'dead geese' - need to get on that as well.

    p.s. LOVE the gallery pics - especially the goat one :)

  2. Haha. We need to dispose of our own "dead geese" that reside on our bed. Poor things. They've been so worn out! And yes, this month is disappearing so quickly!

  3. I had a date night last Friday with my own man. Love them nights. Lovely blog btw!