Apr 26, 2011

{happy easters weekend}

we celebrated easter with my side of the family early this year.
both sets of parents are off on a cruise together this week.
lucky ones.
we have resolved to take more photos, though. since the first half of this year has been really poorly documented. 
so we did a little better this time.

we ate deviled eggs. 
& drank hot tea on the patio
& all scurried around the yard & had an easter egg hunt.
we will never be to old for them, i don't think...

 all the couples :)

i love this photo of my grandpa. its one of my favorites of him lately. i can't help but look at it for long periods of time. i can't quite figure out what it is...

hope you all had a wonderful weekend! does your family have any easter traditions?
daniel & i have been talking about different ones we want to start with our family…so i want to hear them!


  1. oh, so lovely! My family doesn't have too many easter traditions other than hiding easter baskets to find in the morning (my mom would do this when my brother and I were younger). One of my roommates and good friends has hidden plastic eggs with little notes of encouragement and scriptures in them along with some other treats (chocolate and bath salts, etc) for the rest of us. She loves celebrating Easter with little traditions and I'm so grateful she does!

  2. Aw absolutely stunning photos! Hope you had a wonderful Easter! XXX

  3. love that last family picture. all so beautiful