Apr 28, 2011

{grow your own: wheatgrass}

every time i see sweet little pots of wheatgrass i think of going to jamba juice after school with my mom & little brother. we would always get a massive smoothie & fight over which flavor to pick & what heath boosters to put it.

it was perfect for arizona summers :)
& springs.
& falls.
& winters.

we never had them clip wheatgrass for our smoothies, but the connection has just always stuck for some reason.

& now i am lucky to have little sprouts of my own in our kitchen :)
i love them. they are perfect to perk up a room in the spring. & they are super quick to grow.
the way i did it is a bit more for decoration, i think. its not the same way all the hardcore juicers do theirs. they will soak their wheat first for about 24 hours & then follow the same basic steps. so either way you choose is fine.

i've kind of just liked to have mine setting around. its nice to see green things in the kitchen. but it does need a haircut soon, i think.

so, to grow your own wheatgrass
you will need:
- a bit of starter soil mix {any kind is fine. i just used what i had from starting all of my seeds this past spring}
-whole wheat grains {you can find them in bulk at health food stores}
-a cute little cup or pot

so now, all you do is take your starter soil - its typically really dry & flakey so you'll want to measure out the amount you need & pour it in a bowl & mix with water until its moistened a bit & will stick together.

fill your cup , or tray or whatever you're using about 3/4 of the way & then add a solid layer of wheat. you can either top it off again with just a bit of dirt or leave it {its really just more for aesthetics. i like mine covered} as it is & give it a few good sprays with a squirt bottle every day. & it will literally look like mine above in…4 days, maybe? it grows super fast.

if you google wheatgrass centerpieces, you can find all sorts of fun wedding, party & holiday ideas for it.

let me know how it goes for you!


  1. i totally know what you mean about the wheat grass & jamba juice!


  2. I know what I will be forcing hubs to do this weekend:)


  3. This is wonderful! I have been wanting to do this for awhile! Thanks for the motivations!


  4. Aww, this is so cute!! I like the idea of using a teacup for the pot!