Apr 7, 2011

{just me & the great indoors}

today is all about editing photos. & trying to convince myself i like mumford & sons & the civil wars.
{edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros have stolen my heart so far…especially 40 day dream. it kind of has a beatles vibes circa 67-68.}
it takes me several listens through to really truly decide if i like something. is that normal?

i don't post a lot of my 'business' photos on here. but i was so happy with how this particular set turned out of the beautiful lady i took photos for on monday…i can't help myself.

& on a totally separate note - thanks for everyone that commented & left me little hellos & links to your blogs! i have LOVED looking through them the past few days :)


  1. I think its normal...I do that alot as well!
    Beautiful photos!!!

  2. I love The Civil Wars! I came across their song "Barton Hollow" on someone's blog, and I got hooked as soon as I listened to the rest of the songs. I listen to their CD every day on the way to classes. :)


  3. lovely picture! you have a beautiful blog...love it! :)

  4. it makes me so happy that you love edward sharpe too. they are my absolute favorite at the moment.

    also - i have to listen to things for forever before i decide if i really like it. mumford and sons have almost won me over, but the civil wars still have a good ways to go.

  5. edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros! i love them.
    the cave by mumford and sons is my favorite of theirs.
    love your blog!