Apr 15, 2011

{thank you, husband}

today just seemed like a really good day to say, husband, thank you for all the work you do for our little family. because you do an awful lot in a lot of different ways.
especially since i haven't been feeling as well the last month or so. 

our house is a little more dusty. & the foods look a lot more like wendys chili & cheeseburgers.
but you haven't complained once. & you help me do dishes & feed me crackers in the mornings & never roll your eyes at me when i tell you that i slept until 10 
{i hear thats normal, but it makes me feel massively lazy}

so with work being crazy & me being way wacked out & pregnant, the very last thing i feel like i could nag him about right now would be fixing up our yard. 
but every weekend, basically since it's stopped snowing, he's been busy working on this a lot a lot a lot.
this is a picture of our backyard when we first bought our house.
depending on if you're a half empy/half full kind of person. it might not look so bad. or it could look horrid. but either way, we're finding that yards have a funny way of taking a lot of time & not really seeing a lot of difference for awhile.
or even looking worse for a bit after all of your hard work.

in the meantime, it looks like this, now.
it would actually be looking quite nice if it weren't for the dirt trail off to the left. compliments of our electric company :)
we {mostly he. along with some help from our parents}
-removed a clothesline with 50 pounds of concrete rooting it to the ground
-took down the fence in the middle of our yard {still not really sure why it was there?}
-along with all the massive bushes that grew around the fence
-removed the little trove of trees on the right that were stunting the growth of a really pretty oak tree behind them. as well as another dying tree off to the left that you can't see...
-removed the moldy recliner waaay back there by our shed. eww.
-removed half of our swing set so i can garden back there. one of these days ;)
-& that little wooded area in the front right is new, too. its part of our new driveway. that is almost nearly done!!!

so i mean, i guess i didn't need to go into details or anything, but last night while he was outside mowing & it was starting to get reaaally dark, i was just really grateful for him in a lot of different ways. & this is just one way he's been so awesome to get things done that i'm not even asking him to do, but he is anyways when i wouldn't blame him at all for wanting to play xbox all day saturday. & he's always so darn happy about it! 

i have a lot to learn from him :)


  1. Aww. This is so sweet. Sounds like your hubs deserved the bragging!

  2. Aww, what a sweet post. Well done husband!

    Happy Weekend :)

  3. thanks for this, darlin'. i'm truly honored to be your husband.

    and fyi...you're worth every single second of that back-breaking work :)

  4. This is so sweet - he sounds wonderful. Working on a home is sooo much work - but how cute is your house!?