Apr 1, 2011

{there is a special place in my heart}

for this picture.
featuring our favorite character.
in our favorite television show.

its kind of been making some of these rainy days brighter :)

happy friday!


  1. Oh my gosh. Hubby and I adore that show. We watched all three seasons the last month of me being pregnant with our daughter. Such a great time!

  2. We love it, too!! It gave us so many laughs those first few months when we had Zach. Put the baby to bed and watch it on netflix until we couldn't stay awake any longer =)

  3. I love this show! My husband {Daniel} & I are currently re-watching them all and are just coming to the end of season two. I wish they didn't cancel it!!

    P.S I just found your blog and it rocks xx

  4. That is possibly the best show ever!!!! Plus, isn't Buster the greatest??

  5. Okay, seriously this made my day! Hey, Brother! Love this show to pieces.