Apr 14, 2011

{working on my interior decorating skills…}

this morning i poached an egg for breakfast.
this is three mornings in a row now, by the way. they are soooo delicious. & really easy.
its my favorite way to have eggs.
all you do is get a small pot of water boiling, add about 1 tablespoon of white vinegar & get the water swirling in a little cyclone really fast & drop you egg in. The swirling helps the egg white to cover all around the yolk evenly. & then turn down to medium & let boil for another 3 minutes or so. Maybe a minute longer, if you don't want your egg runny. i kind of like it like that :)

last night i also tried putting a few more pictures up in our house.
this is my attempt at putting pictures up, fyi.
i'm actually really surprised at how difficult its been to put things on our walls! obviously not one of my stronger points…my goal is to at least get a little family collage going in the hallway before little coleman comes around. that should be doable…right?
if you all have any ideas, definitely throw them my way!

another hopefully soon project will be stripping the paint off of our front door that you can kind of see in the picture. off to the very far left. i'm just waiting for an especially nice day :)

but in the meantime, i think i may make this my project for the day so i can take all of my necklaces off of daniels dresser :/


  1. mm I love poached eggs!
    I like the way you put up pictures. Totally my style.

  2. You make poaching eggs sound so easy! I've failed everytime I try :(

  3. binia - are you breaking the yolk? i did that for awhile. I really don't know what the difference is now. we're using eggs from a friends chickens, so maybe fresh ones don't break quite as easily? you should definitely give it another try, though! :)

  4. I like when people mix family photos in with other pictures or wall hangings. Maybe you could find retro watercolors or cross stitches at thrift stores and make a whole little collection, intermingled with the photos. Maybe you could frame them all alike for a little continuity.

  5. rebekah - i like that idea a lot :)
    i know i've seen that before - but i've never thought about it for our house! i'll have to start collecting fun little pieces...

  6. I love how you've arraigned the photos, neat idea.
    I am very jealous that you can poach eggs, I can never get them done right.

  7. Hey Mindy, I'm all about the wall art if you want some help with it :) I love putting things on the walls (without it looking tacky of course)