Apr 22, 2011

{trusting god's heart of love}

hiiii everyone!
so, i said a few days ago that this week has been kind of crazy. & i don't normally share really serious or sad things on here - we try to keep it positive ;) but i think its good, too. to just be real sometimes.
{& i'm just going to say right now - that this time…it DOES end up happy. i'm bad at prefacing these stories, normally.}

basically, earlier this week that my body wasn't acting normally {i will spare details for the men reading this} & the short of it was that after calling the doctor, we were kind of left in limbo thinking that maybe we had lost our little coleman baby.

gosh. its still so hard to even type that…but anyways.

tuesday, after i found out, daniel came home early from work & let me cry on his shoulder all afternoon. & we prayed. & i actually listened to a really wonderful message from our church that i had missed sunday that was just perfectly healing for my heart. a much better alternative than the movie i was thinking of watching instead...

wednesday was just kind of a waiting day. & i was told to take it super easy & drink a lot of water. & bumming it up all day is actually really unenjoyable for me. the comfy sweatpants part i can get into, but otherwise i just end up feeling so bored. so we waited & waited for my appointment thursday morning.

& heard a strong little baby heartbeat!!! it was such a relief. & such a beautiful little noise.
but what was even more beautiful, i think was how God made our hearts peaceful. Hoping for glad news, but also ready to accept the fact that we might not get to meet this little baby.

so at 13 weeks - everything is good.

& we are super grateful.
i didn't think it was possible to love a little peach so much already…but it is.

there were several really wonderful quotes from the message i mentioned above. this was just one that really was encouraging to me.

“We must not be deceived by the current view that invites us to get rid of our troubles and sicknesses and then rejoice… The test of a person’s Christianity is what happens in the storm… When God is sitting as a refiner of gold; wanting to bring out the pure gold of naked trust in Himself… One of the most difficult things to do when the road is rough and the billows are passing over us is to feel that God still loves us.  But we are not called to feel; we are called to believe… God owes us no explanations.  We owe Him implicit trust and obedience… We cry to God for blessings, but… He has to teach us that He is the greatest blessing of all.” – John J. Murray

happy good friday to you all! its kind of gloomy weather over here today, buts its nice :)
we just got back from watching jane eyre. ahhhmygosh. it was so good.
so so good.


  1. PRAISE GOD everything is alright :) and that through the process God was given the glory! blessings friend! happy easter

  2. Okay I was totally holding my breath as I read this...So happy to hear that everything is okay...Praise God! Continuing to keep you all in my prayers! Hope you have a wonderful Easter! :)

  3. So glad that everything is ok with your baby! Praise the Lord!

  4. I am so happy for you that everything worked out. I don't know what you went through, but I do know what you are talking about with the peace that comes from God in these troubled situations. That peace, when it comes, is
    what keeps my faith alive. I pray that the rest of you pregnancy will be free of these uncertainties.

  5. SO happy all is well! Praying for a peaceful, healthy, favored pregnancy!

    God is GOOD.

  6. So glad things are alright with your little one! That would have made me so scared. But God is faithful!

    Jane Eyre...I want to see it so badly!

  7. holy crap. i teared up reading this, and you didn't even make it super suspensful or sad or emotional. but here i am blinking away tears