Apr 27, 2011

{whats in my purse. really.}

i cleaned out my purse yesterday.
& did a wallet switch up & things.
it took over half an hour to clean it all out.
& i started thinking…
have you all seen all of the features on blogs with the whole 'whats in my bag' thing?

i have decided...
i don't think they could possibly be real.
or else i am just a slob.
but i dont keep pretty nail polishes in my purse {im way too afraid they'll break}
or cute plastic cameras {same story}
or little polaroids.
or beautiful old books.
i'm more of the 1 1/2 pairs of earrings, bobby pins, granola bar & receipts kind of girl.
so after a nice cleaning.
my purse is looking a little better. for the next week or two.
& minus the nail polish & things.

but definitely good enough for me.

does anyone else's purse end up looking like mine? or what do you do to keep it organised?


  1. Mine looks like yours, but my diaper bag is looking pretty organized ha. Of course when Asher comes that might change ;)

  2. Yep. This pretty much looks like mine too! I'm glad other people have "real" stuff in their bags. Mine is just so big that I never have to clean it out to fit more! haha.

  3. i usually have about 3 packs worth of gum wrappers in the bottom of my purse every time i clean it out. i gauge when i need to clean it by how long it takes to find my chapstick. if it takes more than 2 minutes it means my purse is seriously messy. lol.

  4. this post cracks me up...100% agree

  5. I am so glad someone has finally done a realistic 'what's in my bag' post! I used to get so discouraged when people would reveal stylish perfection inside their purses, while mine was not so lovely. Thanks! :)

  6. Haha! This is too funny! I agree, this is pretty much my purse, a bunch of little bags, my keys, phone, and numerous papers, receipts and trash. Though I think every couple of weekends it gets a clean out just to keep things sane.

  7. ladies…you have no idea how much better this makes me feel. hahaha.

  8. I hear ya, sista! I am constantly trying to keep my purse clean. Recently I got a wallet that can double as a clutch purse when I don't want to lug around my big purse so that has actually helped. :D

  9. thanks for being honest. I felt the same way! jaja. Mine is just as crazy messy. I'm a teacher too, so at any given time I'll have expo markers, post its, stickers, erasers, and a billion pens in there.

  10. Mine is like yours! Add in some gum wrappers and empty gum packs though. :X

  11. My bag also contains a pile of receipts like yours. :) And lots of gum wrappers. I cleaned mine out a few days ago when I switched bags.


  12. I don't really have a purse right now: I keep credit/debit/insurance cards and driver's license in my cell phone holster thing. :)p Sometimes I clip that to my camera bag (which right now is a nice small backpack), but it's still not really a purse. :)p Makes it easy and fast to switch bags/travel light when need be. :)

  13. My purse is always a mess. I have receipts galore just like this. I'm sorry, how do they keep it organized? I do have a bottle of nail polish in mine, but I bought it on my break to paint my nails at work one night when I was bored. Zipped in the pocket are bolts to a crib Why? I bought it off Craigslist in February for my baby on the way and just never found another place for them. I'm a purse slob. I feel better now.

  14. Mine isn't terribly messy, but my purse doesn't have too many compartments. I always have to rummage around for a bit to find anything. I feel like Mary Poppins!

  15. best 'what's in my bag' EVER.

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  17. Ha, you really don't want to see what's in my bag. But I'll say there are at least 4 goldfish crackers, diaper rash cream, and eyedrops that don't belong to me. But important things like keys? I would be dreaming if they were actually IN my purse.

    P.S. I think your briefs wallet is the most hilarious and adorable bag ever!