May 30, 2011

{17 weeks}

promise to goodness this is the week i'll catch up & not be posting my bump pictures late.
this was taken in wilmington a few days ago on our way to the beach.
we are having a splendid time so far. its nice to have time with family & extra days with daniel.

& because of that - & the super slow connection i have here - i am cutting this post short.

happy memorial day to you :)

May 27, 2011

{things i love: friday}

okay. here is a baby edition of things i love friday. in honor of finding out {maybe} what baby c is.
but i wont share just yet. we will find out for absolutely sure on the 6th of june when we come back from the beach!

so here are a few cute things for baby boy or girl that i love:

Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

these super cute onesies. i think they'd be pretty easy to make, too :)

mommy essentials from joanna. i can't find the backpack on etsy anymore, though. kind of a bummer…

this pattern for a nursing cover that elisa used. i'm not totally sure how many of our baby things i'll actually end up making. but i think i can at least do this :)

Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

simple & pretty blanket for baby c's room. i love this one. 

Source: None via Mindy on Pinterest

or i might go with something like this instead…
if i had planned better i could have started it on the way to the beach tomorrow. blast. maybe next beach trip...

this nursery is really sweet to me. i think i may want to put a trundle in ours if it will fit! in leu of a comfy chair, maybe…

well, maybe i lie about not making many of our baby things. because i want to make these, too! at least for gifts. now to just find some pretty fabric.

& umm…hello! most amazing little girls room EVER!!!

this little dandy for hd videos of first giggles & crawling & everything in between. 
for until i get my mark ii at least, right daniel ;)

hope you all have an EXCELLENT weekend! we're getting our first taste of summer at the beach this coming week, so i may be a bit m.i.a. this week. but no more than i have been the last few weeks, really. sorry about that…

okay - i have some packing to finish. will update again soon :)

May 25, 2011

{Guesting Posting It}

today i am guest blogging over at the lovely elisa farrows blog.
you can check it out here !

May 23, 2011

{16 weeks}

im still behind. here is my 16 week picture. still not much of a belly - but thats okay because…


i love being able to do more each day. this past wednesday it just kind of hit me overnight & i was waking up earlier & able to go out & run errands, do my photo sessions & do more around the house without totally wearing myself out. its great! hopefully it lasts for another few months!

& all i want to wear anymore are dresses. they are infinitely more comfortable than any pair of shorts or jeans & have. they are all pressing on my belly & its getting uncomfortable to sit up, so dresses it is! for months & months :)

our friends are also moved in with us now, too, as of saturday & mostly settled into our guest bedroom. one of my friends also had her bridal shower, i had a senior session & we went to a nascar race - all on saturday.

nascar is basically the only thing that really puts charlotte on the map - racing & banking. so i needed to go. we parked two miles away {i am not even kidding. not even. it was crazy!} & walked & walked & then walked some more because our seats were all across the stadium & we popped in our earplugs & we watched the race & then we walked & walked back to our car at midnight & decided that it was good for us to go the once…but we dont ever need to go to a nascar race again. we were kind of odd ducklings there. the race was actually kind of exciting, but the whole nascar atmosphere really isn't our cup of tea, i think.

then sunday was daniel's mom's birthday. we are going to the beach at the end of the week with his family & one of his sisters & her family was already in town. & my parents & brother came to celebrate, too. so we had lots of fun & yummy food & played games.

but now i am pooped out from all of the weekend festivities.

did you all do anything fun this weekend?

May 20, 2011

{things i love: friday}

this may be a good tradition to keep up for fridays.
sorry for my crazy lack of posting. i'm actually feeling kind of blogged out, lately. not because i'm super bored of this blog or don't have anything else to say - but i'm actually blogging for a company now, too! which i love. but some days i just don't feel like posting twice. & so i just….don't. & still not having my camera means even less motivation. but that will change here soon!

anyways, here are a few things i've been loving the past few weeks:

this kitchen island!!! we actually just bought a dresser we're going to do something similar with for our kitchen. but the idea was from this picture. i can't wait to see how it turns out! i'll post a picture when its done :)

these rings. i can't for the life of me figure out who makes them! if anyone knows please please let me know! i just love them…

everything about this outfit. the top would cover my small belly pop for awhile longer i think, too…

chalkboard paint on my ball jars. i still have tons of them in cabinets & in our fridge - & this would actually be super helpful to remember whats in all of them!

this garden. i so wish i could see the rest of it! it looks like something out of an old novel. i just love looking at it…

hope you all have WONDERFUL weekends! ours is actually going it be super busy! lots of fun things - but the amount of activity is actually making me a little nervous - silly, i know. but in just the last few days i've had a lot more energy! i'm able to wake up earlier & do more without taking naps or breaks in the afternoon so this will be a good test :)

May 17, 2011

{spring cleaning}

i'm trying to wrap up spring cleaning this week.
its taken me much longer than normal, it seems. just because i don't have massive amounts of energy to clean & sort all day. & our home is bigger now. but things are shaping up around here. & the goodwill piles are growing.
just in time for our moving buddies to arrive on saturday :)

we're having friends stay with us for awhile while they're in between homes right now. i don't think i'd mentioned that?
they'll be moving to south carolina sometime this summer. so having live-in guests was just extra motivation to get things done this week!

one area that gets kind of tricky for us to keep cleaned is our entry room. we end up collecting piles of magazines. daniel gets a lot of them from work & is always bringing them home for me to look thru, but that also means we can easily get STACKS of magazines lying around. i finally started taking to ripping out the pages of things i really loved & throwing out the rest of the magazine, but then i had stacks of papers which is even less pretty.

so a few days ago i scanned all of the pages into our computer & uploaded them to pinterest. SO amazing. it took a bit of time to go thru them & scan, but totally worth it. & i may actually remember about some of those pages now, which i never did before…

we've also been doing a lot of home projects. my camera is still mia - being fixed & hopefully to be returned soon! so i'll post some pictures when it comes back :)

May 14, 2011

{catching up on photos}

well, now that i am 16 weeks, here is week 15. & then i'll be all caught up :)
i am also already having trouble bending over. or rather getting back up again once i bend.
& i feel little flutters in my tummy sometimes that make ME flutter, too.

i'm not going to lie - so far i don't think i'm one of those women that just LOVE being pregnant…but little c will be worth it. & i'm certainly starting to feel better. & i like the fluttering. so maybe we're going into a not too bad stretch now.
hope you enjoy your saturdays! if you haven't noticed, i'm not much of a sunday poster - so i'll be back with something on monday!

May 11, 2011

{15 weeks}

i'm not keeping you all updated on little baby c very well so far, i know.
part of me just doesn't want this blog to become a total baby blog - & part of me also just doesn't know what to talk about either, i think.

i also feel super weird about posting belly pictures. 

don't get me totally wrong. i love looking at other peoples. but when its me…it just seems so weird.
that & at 15 weeks i still just have a little food pooch. so its not really much to take pictures of.
but last week i remembered to take one really quick. or daniel did before we went on our date nite.
i'll do better this next week!

in the meantime - i'm not even feeling super pregnant right now because most of the nausea is gone + being tiny bellied still. i am realizing that maybe i'm not eating quite enough some days, because come early morning i'll wake up & be SUPER hungry & i think that makes little dude not very happy - so, basically, i end up seeing all of the food that had been left in my tummy again before i can get breakfast going some mornings. so i'm trying to eat even more.
i have a check up tomorrow & then next time is my ultrasound & we'll finally know what kind of a little buddy we'll be meeting this october!!! i can't wait - & can at the same. i need just a few more months to start wrapping my head around being a momma.

in the meantime - i'm starting to make a little list of things i'm going to need for little c.
i don't know ANYTHING - or very super little about baby things.
so if you see something awesome or if there is one thing {or several} that you mommas just feel like you couldn't live without - pretty please leave a comment & a link or let me know! 
I need to start looking into these things. & I'll take all the help i can get.

May 9, 2011

{what i read: april}

okay. so after all of my novel reading last month i totally ran out of books!
so for the month of april i finished a grand total of ZERO.
i've started a few, but i probably shouldn't even talk about them should i? that would just be cheating…

hopefully next month i'll have some interesting things to say.
in the mean time - i'm making a list of all of your great book suggestions!

here are a few, for anyone else that's wanting something new to read, too:

-the great gatsby; f. scott fitzgerald
-mara, daughter of the nile; eloise jarvis mcgraw
-wings of the dawn; sigmund brouwer
-the black arrow; robert louis stevenson
-room with a view; e.m. forster
-the count of monte cristo; alexandre dumas
-the outlander series; diana gabaldon
-water for elephants; sara gruen

to both of my mothers :)

daniel & i are super blessed to both have amazing parents & they LIKE EACH OTHER, too!!!
they really are our best friends. we love being with them all & i wouldn't have it any other way.
{my mom & i would both say though, that for us this was not ALWAYS the case, as we talked about last night, but i'm glad we understand each other better, now & have lots of fun}
we got to celebrate a bit with both of them yesterday. lunch with daniels parents & dinner with mine. 
i can't imagine not having them in town. its great having them so close!

hope you all made your mothers feel like queens :)

i kind of celebrated mothers day, too. i got a super cute pair of baby uggs from my mom. 
i am totally in love with them! even if we have a boy - i think he's just going to have to wear them, still.

May 5, 2011

{projects to do for may}

i'm starting to realise that i'm gathering up lots of pretty looking projects on pinterest. & at first i was doing some of them - but i'm not anymore. so i've gone thru today & picked a few that i think we can realistically do this month.

some home projects:

a coffee table for our living room {this is actually a daniel project. technically.}

& i changed my mind about the picture frame. i still love the idea, but i think this will work better & the picture frame is going to become a mirror.

& these recipes:

definitely not over ambitious this month. but if i can do just these few things, i will be very glad indeed :)

May 4, 2011

{oil cleansing method}

this is the best thing i have ever done for my face.
several different friends had told me about it some time ago, so once i finished my face wash {because thats how i do things. i can't bear to throw things away - if you can, i actually envy you...} i gave it a try. & am totally hooked.

here is the thing, though.
you may need to have a little patience.
because there are different combinations & oils you can use depending on your skin type. so bear with me here...

You can find castor oil at the pharmacy section in your grocery store.
I didn't think to look there, so I ordered mine online here.

You can also use several different types of oils, too
{see. this is where the experimenting comes in}

such as:
-olive oil
-coconut oil
-sunflower seed oil
-jojoba oil

really, i think you could at least start off with whatever you have.

okay - but before i say anything else. you might be freaking out that i am telling you to use oil on your face! but dont worry! the molecules in these oils are too large to get stuck in your pores. i know its kind of a freaky thing. & maybe you will break out some at first. just give it a week or two before you cop out - unless we're talking really really horrifically breaking out. in that case i would actually just change the oil you're using. its kind of like the whole 'no poo' thing. it gets a little worse before it gets better.

i personally wasn't liking how the olive oil worked with my skin - it was just a bit too slick feeling or something. so i switched to coconut oil. its been about 3 months & i totally love it still! i've also heard people say they are totally in love with the sunflower seed oil. so just play around with it! 

 i've heard every kind of different ratio for different types of skin.
i'm still trying to figure out exactly what i like best.
but the majority consensus is this:

for oily skin:
3 parts castor oil to 1 part carrier oil
for normal skin:
equal parts of each
for dry skin:
1 part castor oil to 3 parts carrier oil

right now i'm doing 1 part castor oil to 3 parts coconut oil. i don't know if my skin is really dry…but thats what i do. you could try equal parts of each to start off with, & if you notice your face is feeling dry, increase your carrier oil. or if its too oily, increase the castor oil.

so. once your oils are all mixed in a little jar, you will want to dampen your face just a tiny bit & take a dab of oil & begin massaging it into your face. this works best as a night-time routine, by the way. & it is excellent at taking makeup off, too, by the way. so you don't need to do that first. i actually start off rubbing around my eyes & getting my eye makeup off. then will wipe most of that away with a tissue or washcloth & THEN do the rest of my face. that way you don't have black smudges all over the place. so rub in a circular motion for however long. a minute or two. then dampen a washcloth with hot water & either just lay down for a minute & let the hot cloth rest on your face {which is super relaxing} or just pat your face with the washcloth until most of the oily feeling on your skin is gone.

ALSO: if you have the right combination of oils going for you - you shouldn't really have to use a moisturizer. i've found that i haven't, a lot of the time.

okay. so now you know. if i forgot something, leave a comment & ask!

& if anyone does/has done this - i'm totally not the expert. so leave a comment if you have any other tips or what not. i want to hear them, too!

May 2, 2011

{thank you, groupon, for date nites}

daniel & i made a pact this morning.
all of our date nights in may are going to be sponsored by groupon. or living social. or juice in the city.
we've done a few of these lately & they're really fun.
you could go on a double date with some of them, too. 

everyone has heard of these, right? they're little printable vouchers, or codes for online deals, that will be like, $10 for $25 worth of food at such & such a place…its great! i get them in my inbox every morning.

so we'll have to see what kind of places we end up going to & areas we'll find we didn't know about.
today i bought a deal for an italian restaurant that you can get here.  i think my mexican craze is changing to italian.
all i've been able to think about is eggplant parmesan & manacotti the past few days…

ahhhh. it looks so good.

by the way…
may be tweaking around with the blog in the next few days. if things get a little weird - bear with me here :)