May 11, 2011

{15 weeks}

i'm not keeping you all updated on little baby c very well so far, i know.
part of me just doesn't want this blog to become a total baby blog - & part of me also just doesn't know what to talk about either, i think.

i also feel super weird about posting belly pictures. 

don't get me totally wrong. i love looking at other peoples. but when its me…it just seems so weird.
that & at 15 weeks i still just have a little food pooch. so its not really much to take pictures of.
but last week i remembered to take one really quick. or daniel did before we went on our date nite.
i'll do better this next week!

in the meantime - i'm not even feeling super pregnant right now because most of the nausea is gone + being tiny bellied still. i am realizing that maybe i'm not eating quite enough some days, because come early morning i'll wake up & be SUPER hungry & i think that makes little dude not very happy - so, basically, i end up seeing all of the food that had been left in my tummy again before i can get breakfast going some mornings. so i'm trying to eat even more.
i have a check up tomorrow & then next time is my ultrasound & we'll finally know what kind of a little buddy we'll be meeting this october!!! i can't wait - & can at the same. i need just a few more months to start wrapping my head around being a momma.

in the meantime - i'm starting to make a little list of things i'm going to need for little c.
i don't know ANYTHING - or very super little about baby things.
so if you see something awesome or if there is one thing {or several} that you mommas just feel like you couldn't live without - pretty please leave a comment & a link or let me know! 
I need to start looking into these things. & I'll take all the help i can get.


  1. so excited for you guys!! :)

  2. yaaaay! first belly photo! 26 days until we know what little buddy is!! i feel like i should make a paper chain.

  3. How exciting! Super cute bump btw. The Bump {} is really great for getting info on everything you need.

    Emerald City Girl
    Twitter: Emerald City Girl

  4. I am not a mom yet but check out the book entitled Baby Wise. My mama has had 6 of us kiddos and recommends it for every mom!!! Soooo excited for you and your hubby!!

  5. awe, that looks like my stomach when I eat dinner! you're so tiny!!

    :) You're going to have the sweetest little family soon. <3

  6. I have a Christian Childbirth blog, and I update on baby stuff too -- so you could follow that? !

  7. leah - i've looked through your blog before & really loved it! i forgot to subscribe last time i was there, though. i'll have to do it now :)

  8. I'm so happy for you. You look cute... that belly will come, slowly but surely. One day you'll look down and go, "Oh wow, I'm pregnant!" :)

    I also understand how you feel about babies taking over blogs. It's somewhat inevitable because babies also somewhat take over our lives for a while. Don't feel bad or self-conscious.

    The reality when it comes to having what you need for your baby is that the basics are really, really basic. Babies need a place to sleep, a place to sit (when you need to use 2 hands), something to drink (often comes attached to Mommy), something to cover their little booties, and something to wear. Most other things are extras. :)

  9. We just found out that we're having a boy!
    I hope you're doing good!

  10. *stepping out of lurker-dom*

    Hmm. Things I couldn't live without.
    -my moby/ellaroo/babi baby breeze wrap. Little T lived in it those first couple months.
    -a good baby moniter.

    I'm sure there are a ton more, but I can't think of any!

  11. lovely picture! Yes, that lil' babe will be SO worth all of everything you go through :)

    much love♥♥

  12. how lovely, i guess it must be so so weird to know you'll soon become a mum, but the lord is wise and gave us 9 months to get used to the idea :) I always think about that when someone tells me of a case of a woman who gave birth wothout even knowing she was pregnant.. gosh that must be so scary! So you are a lucky girl with a bunch of weeks ahead to realize about this and it's gonna be sweet :)