May 23, 2011

{16 weeks}

im still behind. here is my 16 week picture. still not much of a belly - but thats okay because…


i love being able to do more each day. this past wednesday it just kind of hit me overnight & i was waking up earlier & able to go out & run errands, do my photo sessions & do more around the house without totally wearing myself out. its great! hopefully it lasts for another few months!

& all i want to wear anymore are dresses. they are infinitely more comfortable than any pair of shorts or jeans & have. they are all pressing on my belly & its getting uncomfortable to sit up, so dresses it is! for months & months :)

our friends are also moved in with us now, too, as of saturday & mostly settled into our guest bedroom. one of my friends also had her bridal shower, i had a senior session & we went to a nascar race - all on saturday.

nascar is basically the only thing that really puts charlotte on the map - racing & banking. so i needed to go. we parked two miles away {i am not even kidding. not even. it was crazy!} & walked & walked & then walked some more because our seats were all across the stadium & we popped in our earplugs & we watched the race & then we walked & walked back to our car at midnight & decided that it was good for us to go the once…but we dont ever need to go to a nascar race again. we were kind of odd ducklings there. the race was actually kind of exciting, but the whole nascar atmosphere really isn't our cup of tea, i think.

then sunday was daniel's mom's birthday. we are going to the beach at the end of the week with his family & one of his sisters & her family was already in town. & my parents & brother came to celebrate, too. so we had lots of fun & yummy food & played games.

but now i am pooped out from all of the weekend festivities.

did you all do anything fun this weekend?


  1. I attempted to hike Humphrey's Peak in Flagstaff with some friends..a freak storm had come through the day before and left snow, so that made it much, challenging! Didn't even make it to the saddle, but we still had fun. :)

  2. cute dress and cute belly!!


  3. just stumbled upon your it! :) love your dress, very pretty.
    have a wonderful week!

  4. first time commenting, but I've been following your blog for a bit. I love your blog! Congrats on the little coleman :) I'm glad you're feeling great again!

    i used to go to unc charlotte and i remember the heavy traffic every time there was a nascar race. >.<

  5. You are so cute!!

    Not from any experience, but from school and working with mother's (I'm a nanny), they have always told me that your second trimester is the BEST! You feel absolutely amazing and can do anything! And, it all randomly happens like a blink of an eye. Sounds like you may be entering your "happiest" trimester! :) (I know they are all happy because you're having a BABY!, but you get what I am sayin. :) )

  6. It's a really nice blog, hope you'll tjek out ours!:=)

  7. aw! sooo cute! i'm so happy for you guys.