May 30, 2011

{17 weeks}

promise to goodness this is the week i'll catch up & not be posting my bump pictures late.
this was taken in wilmington a few days ago on our way to the beach.
we are having a splendid time so far. its nice to have time with family & extra days with daniel.

& because of that - & the super slow connection i have here - i am cutting this post short.

happy memorial day to you :)


  1. sooo cute whered you get teh headband?

  2. yay! you are so beautiful! i love your dress.

  3. you look so cute with that dress and your baby bump! :)

  4. So lovely picture - I agree with all comments above - you are truly beautiful!;)

    Have a wonderful day - greetings from Prague

  5. your smile is gorgeous! you are definitely glowing.