May 14, 2011

{catching up on photos}

well, now that i am 16 weeks, here is week 15. & then i'll be all caught up :)
i am also already having trouble bending over. or rather getting back up again once i bend.
& i feel little flutters in my tummy sometimes that make ME flutter, too.

i'm not going to lie - so far i don't think i'm one of those women that just LOVE being pregnant…but little c will be worth it. & i'm certainly starting to feel better. & i like the fluttering. so maybe we're going into a not too bad stretch now.
hope you enjoy your saturdays! if you haven't noticed, i'm not much of a sunday poster - so i'll be back with something on monday!


  1. pretty much week 16 on is great! you feel good, you look good, food TASTES good. and then you hit week 36 or so and you are done, over it. haha but its okay because you actually really are almost done! so thankful for your honesty and that everything is going well!

  2. youre beautiful. to tell the truth i did not enjoy pregnancy much at all....but its soooo worth it