May 4, 2011

{oil cleansing method}

this is the best thing i have ever done for my face.
several different friends had told me about it some time ago, so once i finished my face wash {because thats how i do things. i can't bear to throw things away - if you can, i actually envy you...} i gave it a try. & am totally hooked.

here is the thing, though.
you may need to have a little patience.
because there are different combinations & oils you can use depending on your skin type. so bear with me here...

You can find castor oil at the pharmacy section in your grocery store.
I didn't think to look there, so I ordered mine online here.

You can also use several different types of oils, too
{see. this is where the experimenting comes in}

such as:
-olive oil
-coconut oil
-sunflower seed oil
-jojoba oil

really, i think you could at least start off with whatever you have.

okay - but before i say anything else. you might be freaking out that i am telling you to use oil on your face! but dont worry! the molecules in these oils are too large to get stuck in your pores. i know its kind of a freaky thing. & maybe you will break out some at first. just give it a week or two before you cop out - unless we're talking really really horrifically breaking out. in that case i would actually just change the oil you're using. its kind of like the whole 'no poo' thing. it gets a little worse before it gets better.

i personally wasn't liking how the olive oil worked with my skin - it was just a bit too slick feeling or something. so i switched to coconut oil. its been about 3 months & i totally love it still! i've also heard people say they are totally in love with the sunflower seed oil. so just play around with it! 

 i've heard every kind of different ratio for different types of skin.
i'm still trying to figure out exactly what i like best.
but the majority consensus is this:

for oily skin:
3 parts castor oil to 1 part carrier oil
for normal skin:
equal parts of each
for dry skin:
1 part castor oil to 3 parts carrier oil

right now i'm doing 1 part castor oil to 3 parts coconut oil. i don't know if my skin is really dry…but thats what i do. you could try equal parts of each to start off with, & if you notice your face is feeling dry, increase your carrier oil. or if its too oily, increase the castor oil.

so. once your oils are all mixed in a little jar, you will want to dampen your face just a tiny bit & take a dab of oil & begin massaging it into your face. this works best as a night-time routine, by the way. & it is excellent at taking makeup off, too, by the way. so you don't need to do that first. i actually start off rubbing around my eyes & getting my eye makeup off. then will wipe most of that away with a tissue or washcloth & THEN do the rest of my face. that way you don't have black smudges all over the place. so rub in a circular motion for however long. a minute or two. then dampen a washcloth with hot water & either just lay down for a minute & let the hot cloth rest on your face {which is super relaxing} or just pat your face with the washcloth until most of the oily feeling on your skin is gone.

ALSO: if you have the right combination of oils going for you - you shouldn't really have to use a moisturizer. i've found that i haven't, a lot of the time.

okay. so now you know. if i forgot something, leave a comment & ask!

& if anyone does/has done this - i'm totally not the expert. so leave a comment if you have any other tips or what not. i want to hear them, too!


  1. this sounds very interesting! i might have to give it a try soon... thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I will put coconut oil on my face at night from time to time, and just sleep with it. I do have dry skin though, so maybe not everyone can have the oil on that long- my moms says its good for wrinkles too!-Lilia

  3. I L O V E your blog. Just to let you know:)

  4. when you first started talking about face, i thought you meant your BLOGFACE which looks great!

  5. wow, this is soooo cool! I wanna try it!

  6. I already use walnut oil to take off my mascara. Works like a charm and smells good too. Why not the whole face? Sounds good.

  7. i might try it. i am not a scardy cat.

  8. I use a mixture of granulated sugar and safflower oil as a body scrub, it works so much better than lotion and I like that it's chemical free. I've been using baking soda on my face every other night (which has helped clear up my skin a bit), but will definitely give this a try!

  9. I just started using an olive oil wash and I am loving it! My skin is so soft and I love that it is natural!