May 17, 2011

{spring cleaning}

i'm trying to wrap up spring cleaning this week.
its taken me much longer than normal, it seems. just because i don't have massive amounts of energy to clean & sort all day. & our home is bigger now. but things are shaping up around here. & the goodwill piles are growing.
just in time for our moving buddies to arrive on saturday :)

we're having friends stay with us for awhile while they're in between homes right now. i don't think i'd mentioned that?
they'll be moving to south carolina sometime this summer. so having live-in guests was just extra motivation to get things done this week!

one area that gets kind of tricky for us to keep cleaned is our entry room. we end up collecting piles of magazines. daniel gets a lot of them from work & is always bringing them home for me to look thru, but that also means we can easily get STACKS of magazines lying around. i finally started taking to ripping out the pages of things i really loved & throwing out the rest of the magazine, but then i had stacks of papers which is even less pretty.

so a few days ago i scanned all of the pages into our computer & uploaded them to pinterest. SO amazing. it took a bit of time to go thru them & scan, but totally worth it. & i may actually remember about some of those pages now, which i never did before…

we've also been doing a lot of home projects. my camera is still mia - being fixed & hopefully to be returned soon! so i'll post some pictures when it comes back :)


  1. I've been a bit interested in pintrest. What is it?
    I know what you mean about piles of mail/paper/magazines. I have the same. :)

    Good luck finishing cleaning this week!

  2. oh joy - it is AMAZING. for me, it just helps me keep all of the fun ideas i find in magazines & online organised so i might actually do them someday. it saves each image & links back to the original post - so if its a diy, you can find it easily again. its be super helpful for me :) i'll send you an invite if you want to see what its all about...

  3. I totally hear you on the piles of papers! It seems like they are everywhere! And junk mail. I don't know about you but we get sooooo much junk mail.
    I love being motivated to clean when I know company is coming. :)