May 2, 2011

{thank you, groupon, for date nites}

daniel & i made a pact this morning.
all of our date nights in may are going to be sponsored by groupon. or living social. or juice in the city.
we've done a few of these lately & they're really fun.
you could go on a double date with some of them, too. 

everyone has heard of these, right? they're little printable vouchers, or codes for online deals, that will be like, $10 for $25 worth of food at such & such a place…its great! i get them in my inbox every morning.

so we'll have to see what kind of places we end up going to & areas we'll find we didn't know about.
today i bought a deal for an italian restaurant that you can get here.  i think my mexican craze is changing to italian.
all i've been able to think about is eggplant parmesan & manacotti the past few days…

ahhhh. it looks so good.

by the way…
may be tweaking around with the blog in the next few days. if things get a little weird - bear with me here :)


  1. Ooooo . . . Mama Ricotta's is wonderful! It's just a couple blocks over from where I used to work and we catered from there often. I hope it satisfies your craving!!

  2. Groupon has some fantastic deals! Haven't heard of the other ones though...very cool!