May 20, 2011

{things i love: friday}

this may be a good tradition to keep up for fridays.
sorry for my crazy lack of posting. i'm actually feeling kind of blogged out, lately. not because i'm super bored of this blog or don't have anything else to say - but i'm actually blogging for a company now, too! which i love. but some days i just don't feel like posting twice. & so i just….don't. & still not having my camera means even less motivation. but that will change here soon!

anyways, here are a few things i've been loving the past few weeks:

this kitchen island!!! we actually just bought a dresser we're going to do something similar with for our kitchen. but the idea was from this picture. i can't wait to see how it turns out! i'll post a picture when its done :)

these rings. i can't for the life of me figure out who makes them! if anyone knows please please let me know! i just love them…

everything about this outfit. the top would cover my small belly pop for awhile longer i think, too…

chalkboard paint on my ball jars. i still have tons of them in cabinets & in our fridge - & this would actually be super helpful to remember whats in all of them!

this garden. i so wish i could see the rest of it! it looks like something out of an old novel. i just love looking at it…

hope you all have WONDERFUL weekends! ours is actually going it be super busy! lots of fun things - but the amount of activity is actually making me a little nervous - silly, i know. but in just the last few days i've had a lot more energy! i'm able to wake up earlier & do more without taking naps or breaks in the afternoon so this will be a good test :)


  1. Colby June makes them. I don't know why I know that.

  2. Those rings are amazing! Now I want them too! =)

  3. I love that idea for jar lids! That is so clever.

    Also, I love the adorable kitchen island. :)


  4. did you ever find the rings? if not, here they are: