May 27, 2011

{things i love: friday}

okay. here is a baby edition of things i love friday. in honor of finding out {maybe} what baby c is.
but i wont share just yet. we will find out for absolutely sure on the 6th of june when we come back from the beach!

so here are a few cute things for baby boy or girl that i love:

Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

these super cute onesies. i think they'd be pretty easy to make, too :)

mommy essentials from joanna. i can't find the backpack on etsy anymore, though. kind of a bummer…

this pattern for a nursing cover that elisa used. i'm not totally sure how many of our baby things i'll actually end up making. but i think i can at least do this :)

Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

simple & pretty blanket for baby c's room. i love this one. 

Source: None via Mindy on Pinterest

or i might go with something like this instead…
if i had planned better i could have started it on the way to the beach tomorrow. blast. maybe next beach trip...

this nursery is really sweet to me. i think i may want to put a trundle in ours if it will fit! in leu of a comfy chair, maybe…

well, maybe i lie about not making many of our baby things. because i want to make these, too! at least for gifts. now to just find some pretty fabric.

& umm…hello! most amazing little girls room EVER!!!

this little dandy for hd videos of first giggles & crawling & everything in between. 
for until i get my mark ii at least, right daniel ;)

hope you all have an EXCELLENT weekend! we're getting our first taste of summer at the beach this coming week, so i may be a bit m.i.a. this week. but no more than i have been the last few weeks, really. sorry about that…

okay - i have some packing to finish. will update again soon :)


  1. I use our flip a lot with Asher, and hello is that girls room for realz. Its like a dream. Also that cover is super easy to make. Now if I can just get my wiggle worm to be still while nursing it would be perfect ha :)

  2. Just found your blog! I love it! Looking forward to following! ;)