May 9, 2011

{what i read: april}

okay. so after all of my novel reading last month i totally ran out of books!
so for the month of april i finished a grand total of ZERO.
i've started a few, but i probably shouldn't even talk about them should i? that would just be cheating…

hopefully next month i'll have some interesting things to say.
in the mean time - i'm making a list of all of your great book suggestions!

here are a few, for anyone else that's wanting something new to read, too:

-the great gatsby; f. scott fitzgerald
-mara, daughter of the nile; eloise jarvis mcgraw
-wings of the dawn; sigmund brouwer
-the black arrow; robert louis stevenson
-room with a view; e.m. forster
-the count of monte cristo; alexandre dumas
-the outlander series; diana gabaldon
-water for elephants; sara gruen

to both of my mothers :)

daniel & i are super blessed to both have amazing parents & they LIKE EACH OTHER, too!!!
they really are our best friends. we love being with them all & i wouldn't have it any other way.
{my mom & i would both say though, that for us this was not ALWAYS the case, as we talked about last night, but i'm glad we understand each other better, now & have lots of fun}
we got to celebrate a bit with both of them yesterday. lunch with daniels parents & dinner with mine. 
i can't imagine not having them in town. its great having them so close!

hope you all made your mothers feel like queens :)

i kind of celebrated mothers day, too. i got a super cute pair of baby uggs from my mom. 
i am totally in love with them! even if we have a boy - i think he's just going to have to wear them, still.


  1. 1st - psstt.... the great gatsby is written by f. scott fitzgerald, not charles dickens.

    2nd - i've read the great gatsby, wings of dawn, room with a view and water for elephants ... and they are all excellent choices. i own gatsby and room with a view if you want to borrow. steph hellman owes water for elephants - i read her copy. :)

    3rd - i love you.

  2. ahhh. mess up. i'm fixing it. thank you :)
    & thank you for my mothers day chocolate :)

  3. Ah, Mara Daughter of the Nile was SO GOOD!!!! You'll love it! I hope you had a great mother's day!

  4. :gasp: you took some of my recommendations!! I feel honored. I can't wait to hear what you think of them! :)

  5. Read the Count of Monte Cristo!!!!! It is soooo very good.

  6. a few on my reading list are: Tortilla Flat, The Hunger Games, Winter Garden, south of Broad, and I am Charlotte Simmons.

    :) I just finished reading a book called "the help".. written in three different women's perspectives about oppression in the early 60s. It was delightful. I hear they're making a movie.. (like they usually do... from what I've seen of the trailer it looks pretty accurate)

  7. Thx for the kind mom words..we love you too!
    btw, did you get our written permission to post that pic :))... soooo 70s
    You look adorable on your rocking horse...perhaps a glimpse of lil' TyTy :))