Jun 28, 2011

{22 weeks}

back from our second set of doctors {& last} for the week.
yesterday we received good news about baby c's little heart. everything seems to be functioning well & that was a big concern from our doctor originally.

then back into the specialist today for another ultrasound & the good news is that they didn't find anything else wrong. things are the same with his little radius bones missing & the swelling in his brain. it was a little disappointing to see that he wasn't better. but we still haven't lost faith that God can work a miracle in his little body if He chooses to.

& either way, we will love him dearly. we talked a bit more about some testing & things we can do after he's born. & some things that they would be able to do for the swelling. so that was all good. our hearts are still mostly peaceful. there is a possibility they would have to do an emergency c-section, it sounds like, if the swelling were to continue, but right now everything seems fine. they will just continue to keep an eye on him & we will pray.

thank you for all of your prayers, again. we really can't thank anyone enough.

our little boy is going to be named isaac, by the way. for anyone that didn't know yet.
it seems so perfectly fitting for him. it means laughter. & we still want to laugh lots with him as he grows up. we also really loved the story of abraham & isaac in genesis 22. it seems really fitting for our little guy :)

we'll continue to keep you all posted if we find out more!

the colemans

Jun 27, 2011

{23 before 23 update}

two more items off my list, no. 4 & 5 with a few more on the way.

i'm still no expert bread maker. but i have successfully made sandwich bread & for me, that is enough. its always been crumbly before & you can slice this loaf super thin without it falling apart in the toaster.
& my tomato plants are all growing. i have five this year. i think i mentioned that? not quite what i originally had planned for a garden. but these are baby steps :)

Jun 23, 2011

{rainy, beautiful thursday}

today is my one day at home this week with no work & no doctors.
its a beautiful feeling. things haven't been quite so busy for me in a really long time, & i enjoy a lot of the busy-ness, buy i'm so glad to finally sit down for half a day & enjoy my yogurt & tea in peace & not driving down a busy freeway.

I was thinking yesterday…I used to post about healthy eating on here ALL the time. & I haven't for awhile.
Partially because first trimester sickies left us with fast food a lot of the time & I wasn't cooking hardly at all for 8 weeks. But I'm finally cooking again & since I have, we've been eating tons & tons better. I definitely still love how I feel the very most when we're eating healthy foods. This is kind of a big season switcher for us right now, but I'm still super passionate about eating good things. I think maybe being sick followed by being so busy has changed the way I do things a little bit. I'm realizing that I'm just not going to have time to make everything from scratch, & theres nothing wrong with that. I just need to pick & choose what is really worth it for me to make.

This morning I am giving bread another shot.
One of our house guests, Michelle, is a fantastic bread maker. & she used the recipe I am going to use today. She also used my mixer & pans & oven. So surely…its got to turn out okay for me, right?

I have lots & lots of things to say, but for now I guess its just this. & a picture of the best chicken tikka masala I've made so far. It was really mild with a tiny kick after each bite, so you could add jalepenos or something to it to make it spicier. But it was an improvement for me, big time.

here is the recipe. their picture is 100x nicer. this was all i took before i couldn't stand not eating it anymore. the only difference is that i had bought a whole chicken that was in the crock pot all day, so i ended up just making the actual tikka masala in a pan & not the crock pot this time.

& thank you once again for everyones sweet comments & for praying for us. I feel like I should say that at the end of every blog post - we're so very grateful :)

Jun 18, 2011

{21 weeks}

21 weeks with little baby boy. he's a squirmy little guy. 
i love feeling him move around - it kind of feels like he's trying to talk with me a little.
can't wait to meet the precious little boy :)

you probably wouldn't notice, but our bushes in the background are beautifully trimmed thanks to lots of friends that came over this morning & helped us get our yard back in order a bit. we are SO grateful.

now off to a beautiful saturday wedding!

Jun 17, 2011

{a thousand thank yous}

wow guys...we have been so overwhelmed with the care & prayers you all have showered on us this past week.
thank you so much for everyone who left encouraging comments & has prayed for our family or emailed us. if i never got back with you, too, i am still super grateful.

the more things have settled in for us - at least the little we know so far, we are so excited about this little boy - if he's perfectly healthy or not. i can't wait to hold him & take care of him. we are already so much more in love with him than we were a few weeks ago. i feel as though our hearts could just burst we are so excited about meeting him. i think we have a name for him, too. it seems to fit him well. but i'll give it a few more days before we decide for sure & i start posting it everywhere.

we have another doctors appointment today, too. i'm just a little nervous about it. i can see that doctor days could possibly be the most trying for us - or at least make me the most fearful, but it'll be good to go & talk to them now that we can think a little better. & i don't think we'll learn anything new this time, either, so theres really nothing to be nervous about.

in completely unrelated news, though. daniel made me a raised bed for my tomato plants. i have five of them this year. thats kind of what my big garden plans turned into this year. five tomatoes. but its still more than last year :)

i am excited for them to start growing. especially the heirloom ones. they're a little further behind than our store bought guys...

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
it is a month of weddings for us! i think we have one each weekend for the next several weeks in a row!

Jun 10, 2011

{our sweet little blessing baby}

This little post has been quite a few days coming, so far - & its reaaaally long. I'm sorry for that.

A lot of our friends have been asking since monday what the word is on our little baby after our ultrasound that afternoon - monday to friday is a long time to wait to say anything, but we kind of needed the week to process everything a little more.

So basically, we had our ultrasound monday & i thought we'd find out the sex within a few minutes & be done & go off and celebrate. the end, kind of thing.

But they found some things in our little babys brain from the ultrasound that we weren't expecting - i don't think any expecting mom really plans on hearing that her baby will be any different from any other healthy baby. & i wasn't either. so monday we left knowing that our little babys brain didn't seem to be growing quite like it should & there was a lot of fluid in the left side that was making it swell that could be a sign of some kind of syndrome. so by the time we left on monday we had an appointment scheduled with another doctor on tuesday to do a more in depth ultrasound at the hospital the next day.

The next afternoon, we sat through another very long ultrasound appointment. the swelling was still visible, & the doctor also found some problems with a few of the babys organs - primarily its bowels, & it looked like it was possibly missing both of its radius bones {one of the two bones in your lower arms}, & my umbilical cord also appeared to be a single artery cord - two is typical, or normal.

Oh! but we did finally found out the sex that day, too. A little boy. Hopefully he'll look like his daddy :)

So obviously, saying its been a crazy few days for us is a major understatement.
I've never quite felt 22, but i feel about twice my age, now.
it's been a big growing up week - the most bitterly sad times i think either daniel or i have ever experienced, but also strangely peaceful, too.

The first question from our doctor was if we even wanted to proceed with the pregnancy - & with the little bit of control we have right now, we're choosing life, absolutely for our little baby boy.

Right now, our next step is to decide if we want to get any testing done, either thru blood work or an amnio - neither will give us any absolute answers, or even really half answers, but we could possibly know to prepare a bit more for when our baby comes.

So, that is where we are now - we won't have any more answers for the next several weeks at least, & most likely until our little guy is born.

In the meantime - I think we're really doing about as well as possible. Our hearts are sad for our little boy, & its easy to let ourselves become bitter or angry or scared about what this could mean for our family, but those haven't been our all-consuming thoughts. Finding out your child has an illness or deformity or a chromosomal problem just doesn't seem fair, but we serve a God that is bigger than any ultrasound screening or any problems that our little boy could have. So even in the midst of something like this, Daniel & I have felt such a massive peace over our lives that I can't even explain. Even in the moments that feel the hardest & I think that maybe my heart could break & my eyes can't cry anymore - they're tears for our baby, but also a strange gladness that the Lord would care enough about us to grow us this way & trust us with this little baby - because it's really His baby, & not ours, after all.

To a lot of people that must sound absolutely crazy, I know it does. A lot of what I've said might even sound kind of gibberishy. There is a verse, though, that I think really explains what we're feeling in Psalm 27:12

"I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord…"

& we really do believe that, even though we've found ourselves in moments where its easy to despair.
I can see a little better already how really awful things like this can somehow turn out for our good. They work good in us & expands our hearts - they hurt a lot more, but they are also more compassionate.
It makes us pray so much more than we ever have before. Our marriage & our faith is stronger & we love our little baby so much more than we did before our ultrasound Monday...

We've been talking a lot the past few days, too, about how we should pray for our boy, because we do believe that God has formed our little son & he can heal his body. So we're praying for healing - either a miraculous healing or through medical ways, but even if God chooses that our best isn't to heal our little man - we know we trust & follow a God that is kind & loves us so so much.

Daniel had emailed me this morning a verse that I think sums how we want to pray for healing in Daniel 3:17-18. If you're not familiar with the story of Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego, this verse is right before they were being thrown into a fiery furnace for refusing to worship the King's idols:

"If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and He will deliver us from Your Majesty's hand. But even if He does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up."

Their prayer was for deliverance, but even if God chose not to answer their prayers the way they wanted, they were willing to submit to what He had for them.

So for a while we will wait. & see how the Lord works out the rest of our family story while we try to just live a day at a time & take each doctors appointment & each glad & sad thing as they come.

Sorry again for the massive length of this - its been the hardest post for me to try to write in not too long terms all that we've been thinking the past few days - but we wanted our family & friends to know our hearts - {& what we want our hearts to be} as we're walking through the next few months. We're so grateful for all the care we've received already & all of your prayers, so thank you!

Jun 7, 2011

{guest post from rylie: my corner of the universe}

Hi Everyone,

I have a lovely guest blogger, Rylie filling in for me today with some gorgeous looks for summer. Hope you enjoy :) & be sure to show her some love in the comments below!


Hey guys! This is Rylie from My Corner in the Universe. I am so excited to be filling in for Mindy today.
Summer is here. And with summer comes all of the cute summer clothes. Here is a list of my four favorite styles for this summer!
First up, neutrals and nudes.
Soft and elegant, can make an easy transition from day to night.
It also looks great with sun kissed cheeks.
Graphically bold, yet simple, crisp, and clean.
Nothing says summer like a great floral.
Timeless, with a touch of flirty and romantic... It's perfect for any summer day.
Messy bun/braid:
And last but not least, your crowning glory, the mane attraction -- that's right, your hair.
The messy bun/braid is so feminine, easy, and just plain cute.
 *click on any picture for its source*
There you have it.
Thank you guys for hanging in there with me. And thanks again, Mindy, for letting me guest post!
Have a great day!

Jun 4, 2011

{18 weeks}

we're back from the beach! i got a little teary as we drove away this morning. blame it on the massive amount of hormones that are going on right now…

i loved early morning beach walks so much.

still feeling really well as far as baby c is concerned. i can feel it/him/her pressing against my belly a LOT more the past few days {i dont think i can call them little kicks. just movement} & thats been a tiny bit uncomfortable - but i'll take that for the next 4 months, gladly.

we find out for sure what our little guy is on monday! can't wait :)