Jun 4, 2011

{18 weeks}

we're back from the beach! i got a little teary as we drove away this morning. blame it on the massive amount of hormones that are going on right now…

i loved early morning beach walks so much.

still feeling really well as far as baby c is concerned. i can feel it/him/her pressing against my belly a LOT more the past few days {i dont think i can call them little kicks. just movement} & thats been a tiny bit uncomfortable - but i'll take that for the next 4 months, gladly.

we find out for sure what our little guy is on monday! can't wait :)


  1. Hope you had a good time at the beach :) I wish I were there now. Nice pictures, you are so pretty!

  2. You are such a beautiful spirit! I too, cried leaving the beach ---- God created in me a heart that treasures the beach -- I could spend my entire lifetime there! Just what you described makes me tear up because I miss it!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVED being pregnant -- I always 'grieved' over the loss of the baby inside of me when they were born (but of course -- having them there was totally worth it).

    I am praying for your heart and your family's spiritual walk.

    Walking with the King,

  3. Love your blog! You're such a cute preggy! ;)