Jun 28, 2011

{22 weeks}

back from our second set of doctors {& last} for the week.
yesterday we received good news about baby c's little heart. everything seems to be functioning well & that was a big concern from our doctor originally.

then back into the specialist today for another ultrasound & the good news is that they didn't find anything else wrong. things are the same with his little radius bones missing & the swelling in his brain. it was a little disappointing to see that he wasn't better. but we still haven't lost faith that God can work a miracle in his little body if He chooses to.

& either way, we will love him dearly. we talked a bit more about some testing & things we can do after he's born. & some things that they would be able to do for the swelling. so that was all good. our hearts are still mostly peaceful. there is a possibility they would have to do an emergency c-section, it sounds like, if the swelling were to continue, but right now everything seems fine. they will just continue to keep an eye on him & we will pray.

thank you for all of your prayers, again. we really can't thank anyone enough.

our little boy is going to be named isaac, by the way. for anyone that didn't know yet.
it seems so perfectly fitting for him. it means laughter. & we still want to laugh lots with him as he grows up. we also really loved the story of abraham & isaac in genesis 22. it seems really fitting for our little guy :)

we'll continue to keep you all posted if we find out more!

the colemans


  1. I love the name Isaac. It's perfect. :) Still praying for you guys!


  2. I love Isaac.
    It's beautiful... He's going to be beautiful!

    Praying for you guys.

  3. I love the name! It's perfect. I'll continue praying for you both and for little Isaac too.

  4. what a perfect name! i'll be keeping you three in my thoughts and prayers!

    also, you look so beautiful. :)

  5. Hello! New follower here. :) You three ;) are the cutest.

  6. Hi, I wanted to let you know that I stumbled upon your blog while putting in a google search for a raw applesauce canning recipe. I am totally captivated by your style, photography & faith. Good luck with your baby & pregnancy. I also wanted to know if it was ok if I followed your blog? If you are wanting to know who I am, my family blog is www.bischoff-family.blogspot.com

    Thanks again for sharing your story.

  7. Great to hear that they haven't found anything new that might be wrong and that you both are being so positive through it all. I will keep your family in my prayers:)

  8. what a great name for your little man - your faith is so encouraging. ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. What a perfect name! I've always like Isaac! I pray that God gets lots of glory out of this situation!

  10. thank you everyone!

    & carrie, that is so crazy! i didn't know my blog would come up from that applesauce recipe, but you totally don't even need to ask permission to follow my blog! your family looks so sweet!

  11. Praying for little Isaac and your family! God is always faithful.

  12. Hi Mindy,
    I'm a friend of your sis-in-law, Anna's, from college (confusing since my name is also Anna, and I happened to see a link to your blog asking for prayer on facebook. I've been praying for your little Isaac, but I also completely love all the other wonderful things on your blog.
    I'm not much of a commenter, and I don't blog myself, but I thought since I've been poking around for a few weeks now I should intro myself and say hello. :-)


  13. Mindy! You are beautiful! and seriously... you both look older (in a good way)

  14. what a beautiful name! you two are adorable and you darling are too cute :)