Jun 27, 2011

{23 before 23 update}

two more items off my list, no. 4 & 5 with a few more on the way.

i'm still no expert bread maker. but i have successfully made sandwich bread & for me, that is enough. its always been crumbly before & you can slice this loaf super thin without it falling apart in the toaster.
& my tomato plants are all growing. i have five this year. i think i mentioned that? not quite what i originally had planned for a garden. but these are baby steps :)


  1. Your bread looks so wonderful! Was there a secret to it? And I have to tell you I made your black bean burgers and they were so delicious. I'm due at the very end of August (also with a little boy) and I've found they're a great way to add iron to my diet. My husband loved them, too.

    I also wanted to throw my love and good wishes in along with everyone else. Sometime around 26 weeks of my pregnancy they found I had excess fluid and we had to wait a week for an ultrasound to check what was going on, but we knew it could be lots of things, including a problem with baby's kidneys or esophagus. From what they can tell everything looks healthy, but the experience was harrowing and I'm just so impressed with the grace that you are handling such a scary and heartbreaking ordeal.

  2. baby steps are good =]
    i love your list. mine is pretty outlandish and i need to get on that...
    also, a portabello sandwhich!? YUM!
    also, i printed our wedding books on blurb an i love that website! so reasonable and so well done! glad someone else knows about it's magic, too! =]

  3. hi there! i've been reading your blog and following your family's beautiful story for a while now. i just wanted to let you know that i've been reading through some of your older posts and i've been inspired to do my own 23 before 23 (but before 24 :)). i'm going to link back to your blog when i post it. feel free to stop by and check it out :)

    xo from prague,