Jun 7, 2011

{guest post from rylie: my corner of the universe}

Hi Everyone,

I have a lovely guest blogger, Rylie filling in for me today with some gorgeous looks for summer. Hope you enjoy :) & be sure to show her some love in the comments below!


Hey guys! This is Rylie from My Corner in the Universe. I am so excited to be filling in for Mindy today.
Summer is here. And with summer comes all of the cute summer clothes. Here is a list of my four favorite styles for this summer!
First up, neutrals and nudes.
Soft and elegant, can make an easy transition from day to night.
It also looks great with sun kissed cheeks.
Graphically bold, yet simple, crisp, and clean.
Nothing says summer like a great floral.
Timeless, with a touch of flirty and romantic... It's perfect for any summer day.
Messy bun/braid:
And last but not least, your crowning glory, the mane attraction -- that's right, your hair.
The messy bun/braid is so feminine, easy, and just plain cute.
 *click on any picture for its source*
There you have it.
Thank you guys for hanging in there with me. And thanks again, Mindy, for letting me guest post!
Have a great day!


  1. That messy ballet bun is so cute!


  2. i loved the first outfit! So gorgeous, makes me want the winter to pass fast!!
    Also the braids & buns are gorgeous, but i have short hair boooo :(

  3. I pretty much am in love with everything on here. Seriously, they are so cute and feminine but not in a silly girly way.

    My favourite outfit is definitely the long sleeved white shirt with the off-white shorts. So classy, yet they look sooo comfy!!

    Thanks for sharing these awesome finds with us!!