Jun 23, 2011

{rainy, beautiful thursday}

today is my one day at home this week with no work & no doctors.
its a beautiful feeling. things haven't been quite so busy for me in a really long time, & i enjoy a lot of the busy-ness, buy i'm so glad to finally sit down for half a day & enjoy my yogurt & tea in peace & not driving down a busy freeway.

I was thinking yesterday…I used to post about healthy eating on here ALL the time. & I haven't for awhile.
Partially because first trimester sickies left us with fast food a lot of the time & I wasn't cooking hardly at all for 8 weeks. But I'm finally cooking again & since I have, we've been eating tons & tons better. I definitely still love how I feel the very most when we're eating healthy foods. This is kind of a big season switcher for us right now, but I'm still super passionate about eating good things. I think maybe being sick followed by being so busy has changed the way I do things a little bit. I'm realizing that I'm just not going to have time to make everything from scratch, & theres nothing wrong with that. I just need to pick & choose what is really worth it for me to make.

This morning I am giving bread another shot.
One of our house guests, Michelle, is a fantastic bread maker. & she used the recipe I am going to use today. She also used my mixer & pans & oven. So surely…its got to turn out okay for me, right?

I have lots & lots of things to say, but for now I guess its just this. & a picture of the best chicken tikka masala I've made so far. It was really mild with a tiny kick after each bite, so you could add jalepenos or something to it to make it spicier. But it was an improvement for me, big time.

here is the recipe. their picture is 100x nicer. this was all i took before i couldn't stand not eating it anymore. the only difference is that i had bought a whole chicken that was in the crock pot all day, so i ended up just making the actual tikka masala in a pan & not the crock pot this time.

& thank you once again for everyones sweet comments & for praying for us. I feel like I should say that at the end of every blog post - we're so very grateful :)


  1. it's all about kneading, you know? I'm planning to mak bread tomorrow or maybe on sunday because it's the end of the month and we kinda run out of money, so making our own breakfast bread is the best for saving money and eating better, all in one. I was saying that to my boyfriend and he showed up yesterday with a book with lots of bread recipes :) I am just happy! Now i'm planning to make some bran bread, and also i want to make cupcakes... that's not so healthy but who could say no to a light cupcake?

  2. we make our bread most weeks - we cheat and use a bread maker, and it takes just about 15 minutes to throw the ingredients together and set the machine. I've been planning on posting the recipe to my blog for a while now, if you have a bread maker, I can let you know when I post it! :)

  3. mmm I love Chicken Tikka Masala... Your picture looks amazing and so ohh delicious. I pray that God blesses you and your family girl! i found you on THE Not so Pharaoh Farrows :).