Jul 7, 2011

{23 weeks}

i really feel like theres tons i could blog about. but today will be just this.
23 week belly. or. not belly.
& to celebrate my almost 6 months i have packed my week full of madness.
3 photo sessions + 1 wedding + just back from vacation unpacking & cleaning + birthday celebrating etc.

its great. but we'll see just how much longer i'm able to keep up such a quick pace. i think next week might be a great nothing week :)

hope you all had a wonderful 4th! what did you do to celebrate?


  1. You are adorable preg, so jealous!:)

  2. You're so tiny but so, so cute!

  3. Hi! I'm a new follower. :) God bless your and your little family. Your life is about to change in a huge way (as if you didn't know/hear this from everyone already). My son just turned 6 months old today, and it feels like just yesterday I was taking MY 23-week photo! :) Enjoy it.

  4. I wish I looked this good at 23 weeks! Just ran across your blog - super cute :) Thanks for sharing. I found you through http://leeandbethany.blogspot.com/

    here's my blog.