Jul 11, 2011

{newest kitchen friends}

here are a few new must-have friends in my kitchen.

& i also have to say…amazon has become my very best shopping friend. it is AMAZING.
i am so spoiled with amazon prime now. i can order something wednesday afternoon & it will be at my door by friday. they are cheaper & i never leave my house.

cod liver oil
it doesn't taste fishy. daniel even admitted it. although he's still not a huge fan of the oil going down his throat. but you can take it with a glass of oj or tea or whatever & never ever know. i've been taking a spoonful in the morning & evening & i honestly feel better when i do. Twinlab is a good brand of cod liver oil, too. there are definitely ones that are even LESS processed. but we can't be spending $30 per bottle per month on cod liver oil right now. So this is definitely a start. & if theres really only one suppliment I'm going to take - this is it. Its soooo good for you.

we just got this on friday. i've researched stevia a lot over the past few years & knew i wanted NOW's brand because tons of people had raved about how it didn't have a bitter aftertaste (& it doesn't! praise the Lord)
we also decided to go with the alcohol-based over powder or glycerin because the powder is typically the most bitter & is also hard to mix into your foods. & the glycerin was supposedly messier. & i like clean bottles. we went for the 8oz. bottle. & it is going to last us for YEARS i think. $16 for 8oz. may seem a little high, but when you think that i only put two drops of stevia into my tea this morning & there are thousands of drops in 8oz. it is totally worth it. it does taste a little different from sugar, not bad. just a different kind of sweetness. so maybe if you're on the fence you could always go with the 2oz. bottle just to try it?

& our blessing fridge. this is actually a few months old, now. i dont think i ever mentioned it. daniel won it at work awhile ago which is incredible. & especially for two people who never win anything at all, really. {only a buzz lightyear toy for me.} its been a lifesaver with house guests & also because our  previous fridge was leaking TONS.

what did you all do over the weekend? 
today i'm celebrating a super busy last week & weekend by doing nothing all day.
5 photo sessions in 7 days. now just a heck of a lot of editing before we leave for the beach with my family saturday!


  1. Hey girl youre so crunchy. I love it. I need to be more like that. Also that fridge is to die for. We need a new fridge too, but alas... there are a million other things in front of that. Over the weekend we celebrated my bday (22) and picked out paint for the house :)

  2. What a great blog. Your little belly is so cute. And I'm so glad you are taking cod liver oil for your babe. the stuff works wonders, and should keep you (and the baby) in ship shape. Have you read 'real food: for mother and baby?' If you have amazon prime right now you should def order it!!