Jul 27, 2011

{some old, but favourite things}

going thru a season of morning sickness & now still being pregnant, i've been thinking more of what i'm going to do once isaac is here & how things are going to change & how much less time i'm going to have {at least for awhile} to putter around the house & make a lot of the things i am now.

its kind of been a nice season of figuring out what i'm really still wanting to make & what i'm okay buying, so i thought i'd make a list. maybe it will be helpful for people, maybe not. but they're just a few things that i have found are super quick & do-able for a upcoming baby season. & they're things i really feel good about making…

as far as cleaning/beauty products

i still love making:
deodorant {only for me. i buy daniel's at TJ's}
face scrub {will post soon}
face wash
all purpose cleaner
hand soap
toilet cleaner {just plain old borax}

its easier to buy:
laundry detergent {ecos on amazon}
dishwasher detergent {although a friend posted a recipe that i think i may have to test out. i just never liked mine quite enough to keep making it…}
face moisturizer

hopefully i'll be posting a few more homemade things soon! if i can just get around to taking pictures…


  1. I LOVE your blog! :) I'm a new follower! It's so cute! Congrats on expecting! :) I bet you're so excited!

  2. I know the feeling of JUST needing to take pictures so that you can post something -I've probably got 20 posts waiting for pictures that I'll take one of these days... hah!

    also, I would like to vote for the "how-to" on deodorant, if you're having trouble deciding which to do first - I'm really interested to see how you do it.

    p.s. hope the morning sickness wears off soon!

  3. Hi Lauren - thanks for commenting! You're so sweet :)

    & Ang - deodorant it is! If I can get my act together it should be up in the next few days :)

  4. my grocery budget is usually blown when i have to buy cleaners! i'd much rather make them the old-fashioned way! thanks for the homemade versions!

  5. yes i would like to see the deodrant how -to also. I hope you feel better Mindy. I was actually thinking about you today and praying for your little family

  6. I just love reading your posts and have been praying for your little guy! You and your husband are brave and inspiring. And hey, hang in there with the morning sickness. I know it's not encouraging at all to hear someone say that, but it WILL end and even though you don't "forget" like everyone lies about, it really is worth it. :)