Aug 4, 2011

{27 weeks}

bad picture. im sorry. we realised at about 11:30, the night of our shower that we should probably have pictures of us from it. {but i'll post more about that, later}

little isaac is finally noticeable, although i think he's still mostly hiding way back in my belly somewhere.
i haven't given you all a baby update with him in a long while now, but really thats just because we don't know anything new with him. my last ultrasound was over 5 weeks ago, & at that point, we didn't learn anything new, either.

we go in again this next tuesday.
i'm excited to see him - & also a little nervous.
but mostly, we still just want to meet him & know how to love him.

this is just a season of patience right now. & while waiting is an easy thing to do, on the one hand, because our lives still feel pretty 'normal' waiting, its also hard to not know what life is going to look like for our little man & us. just doing things - anything, in a lot of ways seems like it would be easier than the waiting, but theres nothing we can do right now. so patience for us it is.

i'm officially in my last trimester now. so we're getting there. just a few more months & a new season begins.


  1. you've got to be the cutest preggo ever. :) isaac is so lucky to have you guys as parents.

  2. mindy! that is such a cute pic of you! you look gorgeous! so sad i couldnt make it to the shower..we will just have to have our own little shower next time im in town, which will probably be late august/early september...:)

  3. i like that you are trying to stick your belly out to make it bigger. I see what you are doing.

  4. You might be the cutest pregnant momma of all time, lucky!!

  5. I will be praying for your upcoming ultrasound, that the Lord will bless you and little Isaac. :)

  6. Oh miss mindy you are just too stinkin' cute :) Our thoughts are with you & Daniel as you go to the next ultrasound! Hope your shower was fun too!! How exciting! Love ya mindy :) still wishing u guys lived closer! Were still gonna try to make it out to visit u guys & my cousin... sometime in the next 2 years lol xoxo