Aug 12, 2011

{28 weeks + 8 weeks to go}

everything we do lately seems to be preparing for little isaac.
whether it really has very much to do with him or not.
i've gotten quite a few projects finished, & quite a few more to do -- things that i know probably wont happen once he's born.

like our blurb books.
or sorting thru old childhood boxes & turning them into little pint sized books, too.
or cleaning out the office.
or making a ridiculous amount of freezer meals.

right now its looking like we won't have any more than 8 weeks before we meet our little man.

yes. eight!!!

& no. that doesn't line up with my due date, if you were just doing the math.

but from all of our talks with different doctors, we'll have to deliver him early. for various reasons. the swelling in his brain & also he's on the tiny side. a good bit. when we first were talking about delivering early because of that, it seemed kind of odd to me, but it makes sense now.
 isaac is going to stick around in momma's belly for as long as possible, but he'll still probably be early.

so two months before baby.

which has kind of put me into christmas mode way early, too.
i don't want to be thinking about presents any time between october & december -- & honestly, we probably won't have time to! so thats just something else on my list between now & then.

present buying. decoration sorting. stocking making {today :)}
hopefully i won't be tired of it before thanksgiving :)
because i might have to turn on a few christmas jams while i do these things you know…


  1. You are adorable, good luck with the baby prep...there is nothing like your first!

  2. Well first your outfit is adorable. But I just wanted to let you know that I am continuing to pray for little Issac and your family. :)

  3. you're so gorgeous, love your dress and baby bump :)

  4. Wow! Way to think ahead girl. Get Christmas out of the way in August so all you have to think about come the holiday season is your precious little Isaac :)

  5. Mindy I say this as truth... you are the prettiest pregnant lady I know. I am praying for Issac! Seriously one day lets have a met up with our boys. Maybe next summer we can go to wilmington (josh's sis went to school there and he says we will go one day for the beach). Much <3

  6. You are adorable! :) Just found your cute blog.

  7. good for you for thinking ahead! ...praying for your little family! :)

  8. You are the prettiest pregnant lady i've ever seen!!!