Aug 24, 2011

{chevron dresser before & after}

please don't scold me for painting over wood.
it really wasn't even wood. it ended up being laminate after all.
i always forget to take before pictures, so see that dresser on the right? buried under cute baby blankets?
it was actually our kitchen island for the past few months, but we ended up not feeling quite right about it. the idea of painting it made me so nervous, but since we have now, i can't believe we ever thought the wood color looked okay {for this particular piece}. Oh, & here is his messy room, too. we're working on that part. You may note that he doesn't have a crib either. We're working on that, too...
so after priming, a few coats of paint, a chevron template, more painting & an antropologie run for pretty knobs…

his too-big clothes are already packed away in the bottom drawer. 
& that is just one more project off of my list.
oh isaac, we can't wait to meet you :)

will post details of that tomorrow, though.

hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! it just doesn't feel like wednesday to me. i have friday fever already…


  1. So cute!

    And call me crazy, but it kind of looks like a little monster face--perfect for a boy's room! :)

    Praying for you guys as you get ready to welcome little Isaac!

  2. ohhh you're right! so funny…
    i just won't tell him that for awhile :P

  3. LOVE the dresser... it's beautiful!

  4. I have loved reading your blog. can't wait to keep following a long with the new addition. praying for your boy. :) You two will be great parents.


  5. So cute Mindy!! Crazy to think Isaac will b here so soon!! Can't wait to meet him... eventually :) have fun getting everything together for ur little man, we have had a blast decorating & making things so far :) as always, ur in our thoughts & prayers!

  6. I LOVE THE DRESSER! So cute! Super excited to hear the details on baby Isaac! :)

  7. I just hung chevron drapes, that I painstakingly painted, in our sons room last night! Perfect neutral pattern for little boys :)

  8. it definitely makes a better changing table than a kitchen island!!! it came out great!!
    (p.s. I think this is the first time I'm posting on your blog! Just wanted to let you know that I love reading it! I can't wait until the little one is here to hear all about him!! ~ Jill)

  9. Beautiful! And I love the color choices. Warm greys go with everything!

  10. Looks great :)
    Oh I have Friday feelings too! It doesn't feel like I have to go back to school tomorrow...
    And my homework is still waiting ;(

  11. Soo cool, love chevron and everything about this "after"!

  12. That dresser looks SOO good! Praying for y'all!

  13. psshh...i painted while i was pregnant. both times. :)

    and the dresser looks amazing!

  14. that line about painting over the wood was for me wasn't it. lol. the painted dresser looks more like you guys and little isaac though. looking good! i need to come over and see all the baby stuff soon!

  15. love it the dresser! ...and way to keep us in suspense til tomorrow ;)

    we're expecting a little one (just 17ish weeks in now so not for a bit) but we aren't sure if we'll be moving shortly after so i won't get to set up a room for him/her makes me a teensy bit sad, so seeing other people's baby rooms come together is going to have to do for now :)

  16. Wow, that turned out amazing! I love when you are able to take something that you have and turn it into something "new."

  17. I saw your chevron dresser on pinterest {} and just had to stop by. I LOVE it! Can't wait to see what else you do with the room!

    ~ Natalie :)

  18. Ang - i know the feeling! i actually don't think we'll have his completely pulled together before he gets here, but we've got a start at least :)
    i think you little one's room can be just as special pulling it all together after they're here, too.

  19. thank you, ladies :) you all are so sweet.
    & natalie, thanks for the comment! glad you stopped by.