Aug 10, 2011

date nite.

lately we've both been playing piano a lot more in the evenings.
i had really forgotten how much i loved it.
unfortunately, i'm strictly a music reader. but daniel is trying to break me of my habit.

the piano isn't really ours, either.
our dear friends that lived with us this summer have left it for a bit longer until they're settled in their new home.
it'll be sad to see it leave. i suppose we'll just have to get our own one of these days :)


  1. a lovely photo... i love pianos, such a beautiful instrument! :)

  2. That is a totally amazing photo...

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  4. check on freecycle for one or the newspaper!! My husbie plays by ear and used to play me to sleep with my first baby. Don't live without it!! :) Love your blog btw!