Aug 18, 2011

{a few blog changes}

you may have noticed some slight tweakings taking place on my blog the past few days.
i'm still working on things - especially the mess of links up at the top that are supposed to take you to recipes & things. i don't know what the deal is with those, but maybe i'll be able to figure it out.

so the little colorful flags will link you straight away to blog lovin' {which i LOVE. i've posted about it, before. but i will go ahead & tell you -- i adore that it is much cleaner & streamlined & easier to filter thru than google reader, but my one complaint is that you can't link things to your pinterest from it. it took me awhile to figure that one out.} twitter & pinterest instead of all the different sized buttons & links before.

then below all those little links you'll find an ad for shabby apple. if you've seen my twitter lately, they contacted me about being an affiliate for their dresses & putting that lovely little button on the side there. i actually wasn't sure if i would or not, but i figured, what the heck. & i like a lot of their dresses & things. so if you click on that little link & end up buying something I can earn a commission off of it {you can't say i didn't tell you now at least. so i'm not being sneaky about it :P} 5% isn't enough to quite quit my dayjob, but its kind of fun. so if you're in the market for pretty bridesmaid dresses or whatever else -- i would recommend taking a gander :) some of their swimsuits are really beautiful, too.

then below that i finally decided to un-hide my subscriber button.
& we'll just see what becomes of this little blog of mine. especially once isaac gets here.

our nest is starting to feel really empty without him. i can hardly wait...

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  1. Hi there, new follower of your blog! :) You guys are oh so cute! xo