Aug 15, 2011

{a few projects done with lots more to do}

this past weekend i had some time to work on a few projects while daniel was out & about.

i'm actually thrilled with how my first one turned out.

especially since i've neglected my sewing machine for the past few years.
they're still not perfect - at all. but it was my very first time using bias tape {its always been super intimidating to me} & i think considering, they turned out pretty well.

i won't even try to post a tutorial for it, because there is already an awesome one here.
its a pretty easy sewing project - maybe not for an absolute beginner, but if you've done any sewing at all, i think you could do this :) they took me about an hour each from start to finish this first time.

& the best part about this was that i was able to throw away two hideous & hole-y pot holders for two much much nicer ones.

i've also made one of these pot holders, too, recently. & i'm just not super dexterous, so i like the idea of having my hand in a mitt. it feels safer. but they were even easier & really fun, too.

also hoping to make stockings inspired by these {but a little more manly. there will be two boys in my house & i don't think they'll be wanting fuzzy leopard stockings}

still dying to make these

& possibly this


  1. great projects :) i need to break out my sewing machine and make some new potholders too!

  2. i want to make those ballet shoes too! lets do that next time were together! :)

  3. love the studded ballet shoes!