Aug 11, 2011

{a good idea gone kind of wrong}

this is isaacs baby blanket gone horribly wrong.
but for some reason i keep on adding to it.

& just in case you were wondering -- i DID follow a pattern, so HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!
that 5x7 blanket that i thought i was turning into a 3 1/2ish x 5 1/2 ended up being over 7 1/2 feet long.
this is three balls of yard later, & now that i've spent hours & hours on this little guy, i'm unsure again what i want to do with it, after all.

you are probably looking at the worlds largest baby blanket in the works + mommy blanket + daddy + extended family. i'm pretty sure we could all fit.

lesson maybe should be:
don't start a blanket from the back seat of a car?


  1. Oh no! I hate when bad things happen to good knitters... you poor thing. :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  2. I hate when that happens! Watch, this beautiful baby blanket mistake will turn out to be your little man's absolute favorite blankie ;)

  3. This is hysterical... And, I have totally been there.

  4. I can so relate. Chalk it up to experience, I guess. It could make a super long scarf?

    Either way, it looks pretty. I really like the stitch pattern. :D

  5. That is exactly what I did when I was trying to knit a blanket for my daughter! Only not nearly as beautifully as you have. You could add a little more width and keep it for a nursing shawl.

  6. Turn it into one of those baby wrap things. That's kinda blanket-like...

  7. it's really pretty still...perhaps a really bundley scarf? :)

  8. Yes, I think it'll make a wonderful winter scarf!

  9. Okay-go to and they'll give you instructions on how to use it as a wrap around you to hold your baby. I have one of these (minus the 80 bucks for the name brand ones) I just got fabric from walmart, but I use my wrap ALL the time, with all 3 I did! The only thing is, my fabric is kind of stretchy so I dont know if that might make a difference