Aug 25, 2011

{in love all over again}

i wanted to title this post 'film friday' because i am still thinking that every day this week is friday.
But, it doesn't matter, because this is one more item off my 23 before 23!!!

number 19: take 5 rolls of film

psh. i took one. only one so far. but at least i did that! & i am totally in love with them already, so i think we'll probably go through a few more before isaac is even here. the film was massively expired, so i didn't know how it would turn out, so i just had the roll made into a disc at walgreens today.

i've missed the graininess & tone of film so much.

& i love remembering all of the old dates these are from. & also how hot my husband looks :)


  1. These turned out just wonderful! What kind of camera did you use?

  2. thanks! its just an old canon rebel 35mm :)

  3. When I first read "take five rolls of film" I thought "take them where?!?" and then I realized you meant taking film pics. Sorry, it's the Luddite in me.

    I love the coffee-in-hands pose. Love it.

  4. Great pics! Don't you love developing old film?!

  5. I'm absolutely in love :)
    Too bad my parents don't want to buy a new Body for our old Canon camera. I would loooove it so much.