Aug 3, 2011

{make your own: deodorant}

oh gracious. i have lots of things to say but for today i'm just going to post this deodorant 'recipe'
{bleck. calling it a recipe sounds a little icky, but you know what i mean}

its super simple.

you will need:
1/4 cup of arrowroot powder
1/4 cup of baking soda
1/4 cup of coconut oil
10 or so drops of essential oil {i use tea tree & it smells really nice}

this past time around i actually blended it all together in my food processor & it mixed a LOT better. in the past i've just used a spoon, & that does work fine, but the arrowroot + baking soda tends to leave a few tiny clumps, so i like it this way much better.

this actually works REALLY well for me, too. just in case you were wondering. its one of those natural products that i don't think i could use if it didn't. so i suppose it depends on each person a little bit, but i've found it works better than store bought deodorant for me.

just a few notes:
-it took me ages to find arrowroot powder. maybe its just my grocery stores, but any health food store would have it, & amazon does as well in massive quantities. but you can also use it in a lot of baking…

-coconut oil beginds to solidify below 76ish degrees, so when last winter came around, it made my deodorant a little more difficult to scoop out of the jar. i just moved it to a bathroom that wasn't so freezing in our house. & maybe you wont have that problem at all. our house gets super chilly in the winter months.

now back to my nutella + pretzels :)


  1. This is the recipe i use!! I have been using it for months now. I have a hard time with it though since its so dang hot here in AZ Coconut oil is so tempermental! I still love it though :)

  2. what kind of coconut oil do you use?? because we have 2 different kinds. One that has already been heated i think- because it smells just like regular oil, and one that is very organic and smells just like coconut-which is a great spread also. Which coconut oil do you use?

  3. lillia - the one i have is a virgin organic coconut oil. but i really think either would be totally fine. i think maybe i would even go with the refined (heated) one & see how that works! it may not harden like mine does that way, either...

  4. awesome - can't wait to try this! :D

  5. this may sound a bit silly, but how do you go about applying it?

  6. what an awesome idea :) i may just have to make this soon! thank you for this!

  7. jill - no, thats a good question :)
    you just scoop a tiny bit out with your fingers & rub onto your armpits. its really not at gross as it sounds. i promise.

  8. Brilliant recipe. Can't wait to try. Please post some more recipes soon!

    Love ash x

  9. lol mindy. i love you to death, but having a jar of deodorant is just so gross to me. lol. have fun with that. ;)