Aug 29, 2011


hope you all had a safe & cozy weekend!
especially those of you on the east coast. irene only gave us a bit of a breeze on saturday, but we're far enough inland that she didn't really reach us.

so i'm not sure how many of you ladies would find this helpful, but for our baby registry, we used an awesome online site & i think it would be SO perfect for a bridal registry, too. just wanted to share, because i so wish i had known about it when i was registering for all of our wedding things!

its called
there are several sites that all basically do this, & some of them may be even easier to use, but this one seemed pretty simple to me.

basically it lets you compile all the little things you would want for your home & put them all on the same registry. so simple but genius, i think. once you register, it asks you to add a little button onto your favorites bar {just like pinterest does, for those of you on there, it should be even easier}

ladies, this means that you can now register for those gorgeous anthropologie potholders, or fun little etsy things instead of your whole registry being bed bath & beyond or babies r us or whatever else.
i just think it gives so many more options. & for far away family & things, its great, too, because it gives you the option of mailing the item directly to them.

once you register, your page will look something like this below:
and for people searching for your registry, you would just go to the site, type in the persons name you're looking for & view their list from there.

i have loved having it for our baby registry, {although i still used babies r us for a few things too, but it was nice to mix it up a little} so i thought i would share the love!

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