Aug 22, 2011

{once a week pizza}

-smoked mozzarella
-garden tomatoes
-half pepperoni {for daniel}

simple & good.
& really the best pizza i think we've ever had.

thanks for all your thoughts on the rainbow hair below, too, this past weekend!
i thought i had almost talked myself out of it until you all came along encouraging me :P


  1. Oh my goodness that looks amazing!!!

  2. Holy delicious... I need to make this pizza! We used to make homemade pizza at least once a week... we should probably start doing that again... starting w/THIS recipe!

  3. that pizza looks AMAZING! pesto makes such a yummy base! x

  4. what recipe do you use for the crust?

  5. Yummy! I recently discovered pesto and I love it! Do you make your own? The pizza looks amazing! Definitely a dinner staple. :D

  6. rebekah - i'll post a crust recipe here in the next few days for you…
    abbey - i do make my own pesto. its my moms recipe. its fabulous & super easy! i'll have to post that, too.