Sep 1, 2011

{frozen yogurt}

oh my word you guys…i was not expecting that much amazing feedback from the laundry room!
quite a few of you asked how it was done - & i feel like i am completely the wrong person to tell you that, because i was out of town when daniel did it for me. but maybe i can get him on here for a before/after kind of thing. it's made out of pallet wood - that much i do know.

& from what he's told me, it really wasn't as difficult as it was time consuming {but so majorly worth it}

in the meantime, here is a super easy recipe for summer that we have been in love with -- just make sure its a little bit on the sweeter side, because it seems as though it turns out a bit tarter when its all frozen.

topped with simple syrup, peaches + basil is one of our favourite ways :)

{i also should have clarified that we use plain yogurt for this. i suppose you could use other kinds too, we just haven't tried it…}


  1. Wow! Seems extremely simple...which I like!

  2. I can see why your laundry room got so many comments--it's gorgeous! Wow!

    And this sounds delicious. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing!! :) YUM!!!!