Sep 14, 2011

{miracle stainless steel pan cleaner}

maybe this is silly to blog about.
but i have been at war with our stainless steel pans for the past two years.

blame it on the fact that i had NO idea how to cook with them when we first got married + we had a few meals go horribly wrong early on.

so two years later i know how to cook with my pans & love them to death, but all of the burning i did in those first few months have just never ever wanted to come off.

so this morning i decided to take one last crack at it.
although i wasn't really wanting to scrub pans for hours - i wanted something {hopefully} easier, & i'm pleased to announce that i found it!

& okay, it may be embarrassing, to post a picture of this. but you might as well know.

i seriously thought that nothing in the world was ever going to clean these pans up. this stuff was STUCK on there.
& for something to come even close is a miracle.

it took me two quick rounds of dish soap + baking soda to get to this, & i'm pretty positive a third time would clean up the rest, but i didn't try that today...

you will need:
-a squirt of dish soap
-1 tablespoon of baking soda
-water enough to cover the problem areas of your pan

set on your stovetop over medium until it begins to bubble & watch out, or yours might overflow like mine did. as soon as it gets frothy, you can dump the mix into your sink & scrub off grime with a sponge or toothbrush.

i tried this with the bottoms of some of my smaller pans too {as you can see from above} & it worked great, too! 

hope this helps someone else. i've never seen stainless steels pans as embarrassingly messed up as mine, so hopefully most of you won't even need this!


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this! I am definitely going to try it and share it with my friends!!
    Thanks again!!!

  2. have you tried using Bar Keeper's Friend? it's a non-bleach, doesn't-have-quite-so-harsh-chemicals cleaner that i usually buy at target. my mom always sprinkled a generous amount of that stuff in the bottom of her stainless steel pans, poured in just enough water to make a runny paste, and then let it sit for awhile. go back and scrub it really hard with a scrubby. seemed to work great on her pans, and so far has worked great on mine! but i don't know how you feel about using that product. or maybe you've already tried it without success... just a thought! :)

  3. haha thats funny i was literally just cleaning the gross out of one of my pans. i use bar keepers friend...

  4. Thank you for posting this! Mine are so so awful... definitely going to be trying this!

  5. I buy the cheap SOS pads (soapy steel wool), and they work great on my stainless. I cut them into 4 pieces each, and put them back into the box. One piece is enough for a pan or two, and then I toss it. I also wear a cleaning glove to make it easier on myself (no slimy soap hands, or pokes from the steel wool!). I buy the boxes of disposable medical gloves from Costco to use for cleaning. Also, if I have something burnt on, I boil vinegar in the pan and loosen it up... kind of like de-glazing when cooking! Blessings!

  6. How did you learn to cook with them without burning your food ???

  7. Great tip! I totally use the baking soda + dish soap + hot water to clean my kitchen sink out - its even gotten rust off of the thing! :D

  8. So I just tried this out tonight... and it worked fabulous! Thank you! :)

  9. The state of our saucepans was identical! Thanks a bunch for sharing your tip - I have been putting off cleaning those darn saucepans FOREVER!
    Now it's done, I feel the world is a cleaner & better place for it ;)

    p.s - Mindy you have not only inspired me to clean my saucepans, but to also start my own blog! Such a lovely creative outlet.

  10. Mindy, I have discovered another one that works really, really well... make a paste out of cream or tartar and distilled vinegar. Those spots come off like they were just smudges.

  11. Sorry, cream OF tartar...

  12. I had the same problem with mine at first--I did some research and figured out how to cook in stainless without burning and how to easily clean them. I read (and have had success with) heating the pan before adding oil will help prevent some burning. Also, choosing the right oil with an appropriate smoke point for the temp you're cooking at helps. As for cleaning, I am in love with barkeepers friend. I just sprinkle some in, add enough water to make a paste and scrub a bit. It makes short work of an otherwise tedious process--and you can get your pans looking (almost) as nice as when you first got them! I like my cast iron pans too though--if they are seasoned well, they're almost as good as non-stick without the teflon/durability issues.

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