Sep 24, 2011

{pallet shelves + 35 weeks}

Source: None via Mindy on Pinterest

daniel had seen this photo i had pinned on pinterest awhile back & surprised me by making isaac little bookshelves out out of the leftover wood we had from our laundry room.

we sanded down the edges a bit to try to keep some of the splinters at bay.
we'll just have to teach him to be careful with them when he gets a little older…

his room is starting to feel finished! {still minus the crib} we kind of just like to sit in there sometimes on the floor & think about him. it feels really peaceful already. 

also, i'm 35 weeks yesterday. all of my clothes are finally not fitting. {please don't be mad at me, moms! its just because he's been so tiny all this time!} i caved & bought maternity jeans about a week ago at a consignment sale. i seriously think that i would have died trying to squeeze into any of my old jeans for another day. they're heavenly. i think i could do the whole elastic waistband thing for forever…

hope you all have a wonderful saturday!

today two of our friends are getting married this afternoon. they were some of the first people i met after moving here. i can hardly wait :) 


  1. I started following you a couple of days ago and am so stoked I did, because those pallet shelves are going to be making an appearance in our apartment sometime soon. You are just radiant in that photo!

  2. i love the shelves! they look so great. : )

    such a cute picture of you!

  3. Love the shelves - we have a few pallets sitting in the garage waiting to be pulled a part and transformed!
    One question - how did you attach them to the wall?

    Have a ball at the wedding :) x

  4. Simple yet genius and absolutley adorable just like your laundary room! Isaac is already a lucky lil man.:)

  5. Hello Lovely,

    I have been quietly reading your blog now for a couple of months- sharing your stories with my fiancé, I even showed him Daniel's bookshelves today ;)

    Anywho- I thought it was about time I said hi, all the way from Perth, Australia! Your stories have delighted me, made me laugh, tear up, and gotten me feeling creative in the kitchen! You are one wonderful lady, and what a gorgeous mumma you will be to little Isaac. Daniel and yourself will be fabulous- no doubt, and the prayers will continue, all the way across the seas!

    I have Elisa Farrow on IG and she got me onto your lovely words, I couldnt be more thankful.

    All the best in the next couple of weeks to you guys, may you delight in what's to come!

    X Caitlin

  6. oh my goodness, how ADORABLE are you!? i am soo glad i found this darling blog thru andrew + carissa. you are to die for cute. love the fam and the good vibes from your photos.