Sep 26, 2011

{some tunes we are liking}

i don't usually post about music.
i had just realised this about a week or so ago. i'm not really sure why.
we are definitely music lovers in this house.

so i thought i would post a few tunes we have been playing here lately.
coldplays album Mylo Xyloto comes out oct. 24th.
i've liked a lot of their songs in the past - especially off of their older albums.
daniel is even a bigger fan, i think i'm just not automatically sold on it just because its coldplay. not that he is either though, really.

but everything new from them that i have heard so far i am really liking.
this is probably still my favourite. the chorus is beautiful.

major minus & moving to mars are worth a listen too, i think :)

1 comment:

  1. I am absolutely loving this song too...yay for new songs to run to :). Btw, really touched by your pregnancy posts...your faith in God, especially in the face of uncertainty, is very moving.