Sep 13, 2011

{a few fun things in greenville, sc}

we took isaac to the zoo for the first time over labor day weekend in greenville, sc.
& of course the picture i post is of us with the chickens :P

the rest of the weekend was pretty much spent stuffing ourselves full of food from yummy little places.
we went to a cupcake bar called chocolate moose that was delicious - even though neither of us ended up getting cupcakes. we got yummy salted caramel banana pudding parfaits instead :)

daniel finally finally experienced his first bubble tea, too!!! at a little tea bar outside of our hotel caled O-Cha. seriously, this has been a moment long in the making for us. my favorite bubble tea shop in town closed back when we first got married & he's just never had a chance to try it since. i think it was a success. we ordered a blended passionfruit + green tea with bubbles. because its not bubble tea without the bubbles...

so a restful weekend together before the craziness of baby was just what we needed.

a baby update, too for you all:
things are ramping up over here a lot. partly meaning that we could meet isaac really soon, but mostly just that i feel like a celebrity with all of these doctors wanting to see me all the time. that part is starting to get old, if i'm being honest.

theres only so many appointments a week you can go to without starting to get discouraged and tired from all of the belly poking, measuring, shots, monitors, calling insurance companies, interviewing pediatricians, calling doctors to see if we really need to see this many doctors…etc.

especially for someone who would have prided herself on the total of three doctors visits my life had seen before this. theres some kind of a balance to it, i think, surely.

what it really comes down to though is that we just want our baby here - no matter how things are going to be. the testing & speculation is just tiring after awhile. 
we're hanging in there pretty well, though. some days are better than others.
but even on days that just feel really cruddy & i feel like i might just like to curl up in bed all week & skip all the doctors appointments, this is a really good season for daniel & i.
& we would both say that this is the most loving thing God could have done for our family. & i don't think our hearts could love a little baby any more than we already do.

some good news is that i'm not being induced next week! that is all kind of up in the air again because he's decided to start growing {more} on track with what he should be. which means no steroid shots & no early isaac for now. super good news for us & him. we're just praying he continues to grow healthy & strong :)


  1. So glad the little man is growing more. And, I must say, you are one of the cutest pregnant women I have ever seen. I love that you are exactly the same size, just with a belly. I don't expect that I will be so lucky, but I can hope. :p

  2. I love the zoo!! Looks like a super-fun day!!
    Congrats on the wonderful baby news! My husband and I have you in our prayers!

  3. it's really not so fair that you're such a dang cute preggo. ;-)

  4. praying that with you, friend! thanks for the update.

  5. i am constantly amazed at your heart and attitude throughout this season in your lives. god is doing a great work in you two and i am honored to be able to learn from you. and i seriously can't wait for the little man to be here!! praying for you three.

  6. Continuing to pray for you guys and little Isaac. And you can't start exposure to the zoo to early, imo!!!!! :)

  7. You guys are so adorable!!! :) Wishing you a healthy baby!

  8. Love all your cute pictures!! And I"m sooo glad baby boy is growing more!!!

  9. Firstly - Hip hIp HoOrAy to Isaac for continuing to grow stronger & stronger by the day. Our God is an Awesome God! I sang this song for your little man this morning in the car. Lola (11 months) in the backseat just laughed at her silly mama singing at the top of her lungs!

    Secondly - LOVE the zoo! And yours looks cool :) One of our favourite places to go as a family. And although Lola has been exposed to some of the most exotic animals alive, when she spots a dog her world is just the happiest place on earth! No panda, lion or baboon can compete!

    Thirdly - never tried a bubble tea - and feel I'm in serious need of tracking one down.. um now!

    You two lovebirds are so strong and my family continue to pray for you all and know that God will carry you through any hard times ahead. Know that uncertainty, feeling scared, a mess, fragile & vulnerable are all feelings first time mamas have - including myself. And then there is the purest joy, happiness, contentment, love & peace that also wash over us mamas. And although all our precious children are unique, please know the feelings we have are shared.

    God will carry & walk you through this. Continue to give all your worries over to Him.

    Hope it's not too weird that I haven't even met you but am still so very excited to meet your lil' one. This blog world is a crazy one, but so super cool for meeting families like yourselves :)

    Love & laughter, ash x

  10. I've never had bubble tea but it looks delicious! Almost as delicious as your little family :)

  11. I stumbled across your blog a little while ago but haven't yet been able to comment...either my computer's being wierd, or just me! So here's another go :)
    I was praying for you and your little boy yesterday when I was reminded of psalm 139v 13-16. Our incredible and loving God is knitting Isaac together so wonderfully and is making him in God's image. I felt overwhelmed by the fact that God knows Isaac so intimately right now and that he has an amazing plan for his life. I pray for healing but I pray that more than anything else Isaac will know God's love and feel His arms around him everyday of his life.
    I hope you don't mind me commenting when I don't know you but I didn't think it was right to not share this. Hannah x

  12. Not to sound creepy, but I'm loving everything about that picture of you guys smoochin'. Will have to copy the idea.
    So glad all is well and wishing you happiness your way!