Oct 15, 2011

{12 blessed days}

i miss this funny little face tonite.
he is the most expressive little baby i've ever seen. he makes us laugh so much already.
i can't wait to hold him without a plastic yellow gown on all the time.

we are getting closer to him coming home for a little bit.
we'll be making some back & forth trips for awhile to be sure, but those will just be for a week or so at a time. the neurosurgeon came by again today to check on how things were going with his little head.
his shunt is draining just a bit quickly, so we have to hold him horizontally for the next few days, but they are pleased with how he is doing. so if they are pleased, we are perfectly happy.

he'll be moving over to progressive care just as soon as he can start bottle feeding + keep a bit more food down. they're mostly feeding him thru the tube in his nose right now, but we try to use a bottle with him 2x a day. it just tuckers him out to try to eat, it seems like. we can't get him to stay awake for anything.

progressive care means almost home for us, so we are thrilled & also a bit nervous at the thought of finally caring for him at home without a monitor hooked up to make sure he's breathing all the time.

but God has sustained our little boy thru so much so far & we trust he will do the same when we finally get him here with us.

his nurses are all telling us he is going to be positively rotten with all of the hugs & snuggles & kisses he's getting from us & grandparents & friends. but i think thats a good thing :)

p.s. we were totally BLOWN AWAY by all of the people that responded to our last post!!!!!
we're definitely doing some kind of world map & will post a photo when its all done. we can't wait to share it with him, thank you all so much for helping us out & thank you for all of the prayers for our little man.


  1. So glad he's doing well! He's just the sweetest little thing, I can't get enough of your updates on him. Continued prayers for your little family, and I hope things stay on track and you'll get to bring him home soon. :)

  2. What a strong little man he is! He's got such a cute face :) We are all here with you three.

  3. oh my goodness mindy that little face!! he is the most precious thing ever!! i cant wait till i get to hold him!!! ps i read the comments from your last post and almost cried it is amazing how many people are praying for this little munchkin!!! love you guys so much!!

  4. Mindy, he is beautiful. I am excited for you to be able to take him home with you... because it means he is growing stronger and it will be an answer to so many prayers from around the world. God has blessed Isaac with an awesome family~

  5. He is just such a cutie!! I wish I could hold him!! You guys are SO blessed with such an amazing little man! He is truly a gift! I am excited that you will be able to have him home with you soon. (: yay!

  6. i think we all love that strong beautiful little baby. we pray for your familly every day.
    with love
    Katerina FF

  7. :) yay! it makes me so happy that the doctors are thrilled with the progress! you will have your lil man home with you in no time at all!

  8. he's BEAUTIFUL! Trusting God for the best this sweet boy!

  9. Life is a miracle. What a precious gift little Isaac is!!! Continuing to lift you all up in prayer. Blessings!

  10. Isaac is such a precious pearl!!! Thank you for sharing him with us and allowing us to pray for him. He is a very blessed baby!
    Nancy and Bert B. Isle of Palms, SC (at this moment)

  11. aww... he reminds me of baby Noah. ;) It wipes those tiny babies out to drink through a bottle! Noah would take a few swallows and crash with his mouth hanging open... little dribbles of milk trickling out. ;) (Noah just said "the laziness started at a young age". lol) And I remember being afraid of bringing Noah home too. I liked all those little beeps and buzzers! But our faithful Father is much more aware of Isaac's needs... more than all that machinery combined. Love you guys... bringing a meal tomorrow. I'll give you a call to figure out a time.

  12. I will be praying for your little one! After I read your post last week I had a dream about it... this sits heavy on my heart because I have a little boy. He too was in the NICU. Praying for your little Issac!

  13. Hey, Daniel and Mindy!! I see a flag in Florida but not sure if that's for us or not. We are still praying for you all and little Isaac!! Praise the Lord he's made Isaac a strong little boy!!

    Baja, Andy and Elora

  14. Hi! I just wanted to drop in and say that seeing these pictures of you and your little boy has made me cry--sooo sweet. We have a 14 month old little boy and Isaac's story has really touched me--what a lucky little man he is, to be born to you two. You seem like such amazing parents already!
    I found your blog through a link on Crystal Jung's Facebook. We know them from our time in the Charlotte area.
    Just wanted to say that I, too, have been praying for your sweet boy (so you can add a little pin on Portland, Oregon!) I love your idea for the map! <3

    Debbie Wu

  15. Hi Mindy,
    Isaac sweet and long happy days for you very soon
    My heart and prayers with your family.

    loves from Turkey :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkey

  16. Isaac is adorable. We thank God that he is healing Isaac and that he might soon get to go home. May the Lord give you strength and patience.

    Debbie and Steve Ottaviano

  17. he is so sweet.

    also, i meant to respond to your last post, but the all-day sickness i'm experiencing with my first little one-on-the-way must've caused me to forget :)

    i prayed for your sweet little guy --- modesto, CA

  18. Hi Daniel,

    I am Wendy from Hong Kong Packaging Team at Lowe's. He's lovely...Me and my family prayed for your sweetie boy...

    with love,

  19. we prayed too! stick a pin on jacksonville, fl. and congrats!! he is beautiful!!

  20. my name is autumn, from cleveland oh. i have followed your blog on and off for the past year. wow, how amazed and encouraged i am everytime i read more about your beautiful family. truly, so incredibly beautiful. praying for overwhelming grace upon you and strength- as your both love your little guy to pieces. and praying for grace for him too, and strength as he grows, and healing over his little body in Jesus' Name. and p.s. he is such a handsome little guy! :)

  21. Wow, he is one handsome little man. Praying God's very best over Issac and taking hold of all the blessings promised for him. I'm so excited about what The Lord is going to do with this special little guy's life. May you both be strengthen and given all the wisdom and patience that you'll need as parents. His Grace is enough x

    Praying for you three all the way from Ireland,